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Your rabbit is sick. His tummy hurts and they don't like to eat when they hurt.
You are going to have to feed him.
He is NOT going to eat on his own while he is hurting.
Get a eye dropper and get some milk in him.
Got any baby food handy ?
Pumpkin, plain, or carrot. Cook it, mash it up
Already canned works good.
Put some on your finger and let him lick it off if he will
Plan on feeding him as often as possible.
Plain water, anything to get the fluids going. Do NOT use distilled water.
Apple juice. Even a few drops.

He has been without food for awhile.
If you want to save him, you have to get the food in him.

Isolate him from the other rabbit.
The mucos is because of a bacteria in his gut.
Keep him warm and don't let him get chilled.
If you have a nest box, put him in that with some hay.

You can save him. I have saved several in the past.
Been awhile though since the last case.

What breeds are your rabbits ?
Are you planning on the babies for meat ?

· Expect the unexpected
2,798 Posts
Applesauce is very good :)
My handicapped house bunny used to love it. I kept a can in the firg.
I would put it in a small bowl . Like a teaspoon amount at a time. She was
a Netherland Dwarf, The vet was amazed at how long I kept her going. He
said, not sure what you are doing, but keep it up. My bunnies love apple slices,
pieces of carrot, plain dry cereal like cheerios, or shredded wheat, a saltine cracker.
Good quality second cutting hay. And keep their water dishes with fresh water.

Keep the fluids going. As long as bunny is eating something, you are making progress.
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