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Just a couple cool pictures I got this morning.

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We finally had a morning of sunshine here in the Ozarks and while I should've been doing farm chores I blew it off and had a ball with my camera! I won't bore ya'll with the 900 pictures I took but I thought these were kind of fun. Something was after my strawberry!

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I like them CJ. Very nice.
Keep enjoying your sunshine.
C J,
I may be all wet, I don’t know much about bees. But your picture doesn’t look right. The to bees on the right look more like there fighting, the same for in front of the hole. Like I said, I don’t know mush about them. Go take a look. Robber bees?
EEK! I hope not! I don't know anything about bees, we're just getting started and have 2 hives we set up about a week ago with packaged bees. The 2 hives are about 8 feet apart. Any and all bee behavior is new to me, I'm in the "watch and learn" stage. How do you tell if they're robbing each other?
I'm hardly an expert on bees either but I have seen robbing. If they want to try and steal one bee at a time I expect your hive will deal with the intruder just fine. Especially through the narrow entrance! If there are hundreds of bees squabbling away, you've got problems. Nice pictues I should excuse myself and snap a few too, but gooey lambs take precedence, and they're popping into the world every hour or so here.
Oh Ross take the camera out with you! I finally got my dream camera last year, but well after lambiing season was over and I missed out on all those wonderful, wonderful baby lambs. We sold our sheep last fall, and I miss them dearly. I'd sure love to see hours of lambing footage hehe.
Anyone know if Fuji cameras are *BLIK* proof? I gotta go check now actually so I'll drag it along and see if there are any newborns. Hopefully they'll only have one mother and not six!
I have 10 hives and unless the guard bees are fighting with the others you have no problem! You have such a small entrance that it would be very hard for roobers to take a hive. My bees will "meet and greet" bees at the entrance to make sure they are sisters, get directions and even help clean them off. Your pictures are wonderful and I would love to see more!! Debbie
I’m truly sorry about the false alarm. As I said I don’t know much about bees, just what I read about them.
Again sorry for the false taught.
great photos,man where did they get those balls of pollen that was is sure covered on her hind legs i hope this means a wonderful crop year good luck.
Unregistered, no problem, I'm just enjoying them in blind ignorance anyway! LOL they're most fascinating, I can't wait until we crack the hive again on Wednesday. I hope to get more pictures of them then.

I had read in my little Beekeeping for Dummies book about the "baskets" on their legs to carry pollen; seeing it was AWESOME! I watched them for about 30 minutes or so and took about 20 pictures of them working, it's really amazing!

I didn't think that much was in bloom here in the Ozarks yet but obviously there is more than I realized.... I think one could learn alot from bees!

I wasn't expecting to get any honey our first year, but I guess it's possible. We had seeded our pasture with clover last spring and it should start blooming any day now, which will be great. The dogwods are all in bloom; I think the wild plums have passed that point. of course the oak trees are in their prime, everything is covered in green pollen from them! Hmmm.. oak honey? Bleeccchhh!

We added pictures of when we installed them into the hives on our website, under the bee section. I have a feeling I'm going to be taking a ton more pictures of them, they're just too cool! Maybe I'll get braver next time and get closer...
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bees are cool
strawberrys being eaten by slugs ... my guess
Nice clear pictures. What kind of camera do you have? I am going to check out your web pages.

A turtle or birds either one could be what is eating at the strawberry.
I have a Canon EOS 10d, those were taken with a Canon 100-400mmL lens at 400mm.

I picked the strawberry and ate it myself, I don't share well! Hehe.
Checked out your camara on the web, it's really cool, but way out of my price range. Do you know of any good, CHEAP digital cameras? I'd like to get one, but it's got to be pretty cheap...
Lacy, there are lots of point and shoot digital cameras that work beautifully for far less. You might want to check the reviews out here.
Lacy, work with several pro photographers, and they all said to stick with Cannon for digital. I've been real happy with my A300, which I have seen advertised at $150 to $200.
Nice - what were the wildflowers called?? We have them too here in Va.
Stumpy if you're referring to the one I posted on my website asking if anyone knew what it was... I dunno, LOL no one has answered! Pretty isn't it?
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