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Discussion in 'Weight Loss Forum' started by Peacock, Aug 7, 2006.

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    I'd like to join in. I've been trying to lose weight for a LONG time, off and on. I'm not extremely overweight; I'm 5'2" and 140 by my bathroom scale, which is a little friendly. :) A doctor's scale would probably be 5# higher, but it doesn't really matter, it's all relative and loss is loss. I'd like to get down to 100#, but realistically, 120 will do nicely.

    My biggest problem is denial! I'll drink diet soda, but I still have a hard time admitting I need low-fat stuff in the grocery, making a meal, or at restaurants because I'm not "really fat". I love to eat good food and hate to stop before I'm really full.

    I quit smoking 2.5 years ago and I blamed a lot of my extra weight on that, though truthfully I only gained maybe 5# from it. Still, I used it as an excuse. "Well, at least I don't smoke anymore."

    For me, it's a big health issue. I've got high blood pressure and I know that if I lost 20# it'd probably go down. Plus I want to set a good example for my daughter. She's rail thin now, but so was I at her age. I don't want her to think "gotta be skinny at all costs", I want her to think "gotta be healthy"! I've told her not to worry about weight, just to concern herself with getting exercise and eating a lot of different, healthy foods.

    And that's my own issue. I like lots of healthy foods, but I also like a lot of unhealthy stuff too. And I HATE, hate hate hate to exercise. Did I mention I hate exercise? LOL!

    Okay, I've made my I'll have to try harder!
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    even though you hate to exercise, it is essential to your health. walking alone dropped my cholesterol significantly in one month. my blood pressure has never been a problem, but it dropped a little, too, in that month. water aerobics is great exercise-without really sweating.

    welcome and jump right in.