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  1. I have a John Deere 440 ID that I just bought, The old pressure seems to low to me 20 lbs cold lower whenworm almost o. The engine runs good. Any help would be apreciated
    Thank you Gary
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    Zero oil pressure does not work, anything above zero does. It is not unusual for 5 to 7 pounds being adequate in older, slow running engines. Change your oil and see if that boosts the pressure, if not a new oil pump may be in order.

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    May 9, 2002
    I agree an oil change is a fast useful check up, but perhaps the oil presure guage is simply not working correctly. It is a mechanical guage correct? Perhaps there is some un-noticed leakage or a crushed line there? Anyone know the Ag equiv of a 440?
  4. Can any one tell me where I can get parts and info on the GM 2-53
    Thanks Gary
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    The probability is that the engnine is worn excessively and the bearing clearances are too great. The oil pump is working or you would not have 20 lbs pressure now when cold. When the oil heats its viscosity changes and therefore the pressure drops. You could try a sae 40 weight for some improvement but an overhaul is in the engines future!
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    As others have said the pressure drop when warm is most likely due to worn cam, rod and main bearings. But... If you haven't already, change the oil and filter, replace using a single weight oil (40 instead of 10w40) and add a quart or two of Lucas oil stabilizer. This stuff will increase the viscosity as well as protect from further cold start wear. The price on the website is higher than I am paying at the local Advance Auto Parts by several $$ a gallon. I think the last I bought was about $22 + tax. Also works wonders in worn out (or nearly so) gear boxes and rear ends!

    Rebuild kit, service manual and more info should be available at Yesterdays Tractors. Links for parts and manuals are on the left side near the top.

  7. Thank you all, I changed the oil, it seems to be an improvement. The tractor has other problems more important now . The steering is really poor, it has power steering the first problem was a leak at the suction side of the pump I fixed that but it has really excessive play in it and it stiff. I'm going to check it for oil today after work.
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    Another oil additive you might try is ER [tm] Energy Release is carried on the left coast by NAPA Auto parts, about 125.00 per gallon, and is availbabe in quarts, you only use a few ounces in the engine, and it works in the tranny, and differentials as well.....

    As far as parts for a 2-53 detroit also called jimmy deisel for search purposes, try salavage yards, and so forth, keep searches regualr on ebay as well, Ive seen some old diesels there at times.... you may end up with a whole machine just to get a few parts, but then again you have some salvage for the future as well.