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Jere said over 5,000

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Over 5,000 people at Baker Creek on the First Day of Spring Festival!! Now I know why I decided to stay home... I love the place, but cant stand so many people, even Gardeners.
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I'm with you! I scheduled a four day weekend off several months ago so that we could go this past weekend. We had so much to do that we decided to stay home and work. I dreaded the thought of dealing with a big crowd. I'm sure it would informative but wondered about being able to get close enough to hear the speakers.
I really like going to Baker Creek, but like you, don't enjoy the crowds. This annual Spring & Fall Festival is REALLY gaining momentum, isn't it? I went to the Spring one about 5 years ago, and there sure weren't 5,000 people there then! (But it was still a crowd . . . ) And I got into big trouble in the book tent.
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