Jacobs Sheep

Discussion in 'Sheep' started by Caelma, May 7, 2006.

  1. Caelma

    Caelma Well-Known Member

    Mar 7, 2005
    Does anyone out here have Jacob sheep?
    If so can you tell me what your experience with them has been?
    Fleece? Personalities? Easy or hard keepers, etc?
  2. kesoaps

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    Dec 18, 2004
    Washington State
    I think our member named Jacobs has left the building... :shrug:

    I don't know much about them, but let me know if you'd be interested in icelandics, as I've got both a ewe and a ram for sale :p

  3. Shagbarkmtcatle

    Shagbarkmtcatle Hillybilly cattle slaves

    Nov 1, 2004
    Grant Co WV/ Washington Co MD
    We just bought 1 ram and 3 ewes this weekend at the Maryland Sheep & wool festival. So I can't really tell you much yet. My dh knows more about what to look for when buying them. He is the one who picked them out. We got a ram and ewe from one seller in Pa and 2 ewes from another seller in Md. The 2 ewes from Md are friendlier because the girl played with them more. That's about all I know so far. Sorry. We gotta go from here and any info you collect, I would be interested in too.
  4. Petsguy

    Petsguy Well-Known Member

    Mar 16, 2005
    I have a single jacob ewe lamb available right now. I am not a spinner, but I like the look and feel of the shetland and babydoll fleece better. I have lambs of both of those breeds as well. As far as temperament, the shetlands and icelandics that I have are about the same. They will come up to you and take treats. The babydolls will do the same. The jacobs are a little more standoffish than the rest. This was my first lambing with them the jacobs and their mothering instinct was not as strong as my other sheep. I would ask some of the spinners on here, what type of wool they prefer. The icelandic wool is definately different than any of the other breeds that I have. I know that it is a popular in the spinning circles too, but not as commonly found as many other breeds. Where are you located by the way?
    Feel free to contact me with any other questions.

    Take Care,
    Jeff Port
    Smallville Miniatures and Exotics
    Peoria, IL
  5. ShortSheep

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    Aug 8, 2004
    I spin and I've played around with shetland, jacob, and babydoll fleeces.
    I had a jacob ewe for one summer, I found the fleece to have a harsher handle, even as a lamb. In defense of jacobs, I have heard that there is a great variety to the fleeces, as with shetland. The jacob ewe went to a pet home. She was very friendly, and I found her to be an easy keeper.
    I used to raise babydolls, and found the fleece to have a harsher handle as well. I ended up using the babydoll batts for cat beds. Icelandic I find VERY harsh and unpleasant to the touch. But that's just me. Other than the fleece, I do like everything else about the Icelandic breed.
    I really like spinning shetland so am sticking that that for now. I am going to try some other breeds (maybe lincoln, leister, whatever else catches my eye) when I hit the fiber fests this year!