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im struggling .. ive tried to clip her to a fence so she cant move.nope .. kicks ..

ive had someone hold a front hoof up while i try to do the back , nope , she try her best to kick and doesnt care that she might choke her self if she falls off the stand as she wobbles and kicks while on the stand

ive tried giving her, her fave treats while doing it , nope .. apparently her snacks arent as important as freeing her foot from my hand ..

ive tried to stand there holding her foot till she stops kicking .. she never stops kicking...

her doeling is so easy to do , all i have to do is flip her on her back in my lap and go at it ...... till she gets older ..... i cant flip mama over .. shes to heavy ..

i need advice on how to do this so badly .. goat mentor is to busy to come help me figure this out.. she just told me "keep trying , she will give up " and "unbalance her " and "you have to man handle her " .. which is easier said then done !? .. this goat has no chill ...

her hooves really need done .. i was thinking about paying someone to do it .. but i cant find a hoof trimmer around me... so i got to figure this out..
please tell me what you do !!!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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