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Must be a very stubborn goat. Most of mine don’t like their feet trimmed and they kick and fuss, but they all do give up eventually. I figure, who’s in control here, who is more tenacious, who is stronger? Sometimes I settle for one hoof a day. But that’s when my clippers are dull and it’s taking too long. One thing I discovered, quite by accident, is that the hooves are easier to clip after a rain or heavy dew and they’ve been standing on wet ground.
Seriously. Suck it up and take that beast down. Sit on goat, trim hooves, do what needs to be done. Even the largest of goats can be taken down by a 120lb girl with a little determination.

Don't worry about hurting the goat, or hurting the goat's feelings. I have a feeling the is the operative mindset for the OP. Show the thing who's boss.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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