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Discussion in 'Countryside Families' started by Speciallady, Dec 19, 2006.

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    May 10, 2002
    I just had a huge argument with my neighbor over a stupid toy. Their son stole my ds' toy when they lived in the neighborhood last year. The boy gave the toy to one of the other neighbor kids and that kid, knowing what happened last year, gave the toy back to my son. Well, the dad came over to our house accusing my son of stealing the toy. I'm sitting here laughing my head off because it's a stupid toy. It's one of those ball shooters, and they don't even have the balls for it anymore. We had some problems with their little girl over the weekend. She was playing with Journey and was saying some pretty nasty things about sex and private areas. The little girl is five years old. I told the parents and all they said to her was, "what did you say something like that for?" If it was my girl she would have had her mouth washed out with soap. I don't want my kids to know that kind of language. Needless to say I am not allowing the kids around my house any more, but man, the dad threatened to call the cops. I told my son just to give it to the kid. Is this rediculous or what
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    If I were you I would keep my children as far from them as possible. They sound like trouble and so do the parents. I have had my times with kids in the neighborhood and my children. I finally told my kids they had to stay in our yard and could not play on the side street (very, very little traffic and my kids were 10 and above) or in anyone's yard but ours. My kids think I am not fair but I will not have my kids getting into trouble. My girls are now 12, 13, and 15 and they still can not leave our yard.
    Advice.... keep your distance from kids and parents. Hope it all works out for you.

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    I would call Family Services. Where would a five year old hear about such things, or have any idea of what she's talking about. A major red flag. For the toy, let them have it. Tell your son a person needs to choose their battles.
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    As far as the toy goes, I believe you made the right decision.

    As to the language from the 5 year old girl, your children _will_ be faced with this language at some time or another no matter what you do, while they're growing up.

    The best you can do is tell your children they don't need to use language like that because they're language and intelligence skills are high enough that they don't have to resort to talking like that to converse with others.

    I saw the pictures of your family you posted. Your children sure are sweeties and Journey has a smile that no one could resist. What a sweetheart! And what a great family picture.

    Good luck with the language lessons. :)