Due to living in southern Colorado, the actual building season is short, perhaps 4 to 6 months or thereabouts. I drove a rod into the ground and got down a few inches before hitting "permafrost" ... that means this year's building season is almost upon us!

Pressure to get projects done is mounting, as the ground unfreezes, the standing snow melts, and the temps get above 50 degrees (minimum to paint and such). So far, I've got:

1. Taj Mahal (clean slate chicken coop): old coop hauled off, lots of ideas scanned thru, and plans almost complete. Went out and purchased some materials ... ouch!

2. Fencing (this one never seems to end): built a jig/frame, and now the panels (sort of) roll off the assembly line. Purchased materials here as well ... ouch again!

3. Tiny Home (pre-launch pad 8'x12' for one of the daughters): the sitework got done last fall, and the snows shut me down (the wife seem surprised that I didn't keep working thru sub-zero and other conditions?). Materials purchased here ... you know the chorus line for this one.

And now, a sawmill project ... because every list of projects needs ... more projects! Actually, looking above, materials seem to be eating our respective lunches. Perhaps a sawmill will offset some of that ...

With the weather finally breaking, what's on your project list?

PS: the image depicts one of my many planning tools ... and it's not the "coasters"!