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It's a girl! :)

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Well I guess she was due soon after I was wondering and worrying if she was actually pregnant. I checked on her around 2 pm went out and when I got back at 6:30 I heard a squeaky noise and found a tiny cute little girl.
Ariel had no problems and needed no help :) I hate to give Jim a big head but... yes you were right :p
I am just happy I did not have to stick my hands up there. I did have the supplies ready except for the iodine. One feed store is out and the other does not carry it. I tied her cord with some dental floss. Can I use people iodine? Also one novice question. Are goats born with their true eye color or do they change like puppies and kittens do?
I know the rules and here are her pictures:

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They're both beautiful, and congrats!! My kids are 5 months now and I'm getting the itch already lol. I'll be breeding later in the year this time around too. :grump:
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