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It's a girl! :)

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Well I guess she was due soon after I was wondering and worrying if she was actually pregnant. I checked on her around 2 pm went out and when I got back at 6:30 I heard a squeaky noise and found a tiny cute little girl.
Ariel had no problems and needed no help :) I hate to give Jim a big head but... yes you were right :p
I am just happy I did not have to stick my hands up there. I did have the supplies ready except for the iodine. One feed store is out and the other does not carry it. I tied her cord with some dental floss. Can I use people iodine? Also one novice question. Are goats born with their true eye color or do they change like puppies and kittens do?
I know the rules and here are her pictures:

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AWWWWW. Dang, that was quick! LOL. Glad it went well. She looked really well structured in back to be able to handle it, so that's good for you. Big kid, too, looks like from your pix. Congratulations!
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