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We both enjoy watching the original series over pizza once in awhile like we did as kids before we knew hims and hers had other things to enjoy as our ages hit double digits.

After putting two rising crust supreme pizzas in the oven for 25 minutes to bake and slice to have dinner when Star Trek came on and bring me a few slices home for a cold Sunday breakfast, we turned on METV and saw an episode neither of us remembered.

An old girlfriend of Kirk's goes psycho and pulls a Freaky Friday body swap with him to finally get to be a star ship captain because the Federation didn't have provisions for letting women command one.

As Spock, McCoy, Scotty and the bridge crew tey to figure out why Kirk is all of a sudden over emotional . filing his nails and such, the woman in his body brings charges against them all as the bridge crew contemplate mutiny if needed before a combination of Spock's mind meld and Kirk's will to get back to his own body save the episode.

While the acting in Star Trek was often cheesy and the worst job was the enlisted guy on a landing party who always died within minutes of landing, watching Kirk get feminine emotional , file his nails, sit in the bridge chair ladylike and act like a mother whose kids won't listen, left us both blowing pizza and beer a few times during the episode neither of us remembered seeing in our preteen years.

After the hour of the show , we both agreed it was enough Star Trek and pizza Saturday night for us until October LOL
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