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ISO Apple gourd seed

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Anyone have some they would sell or trade for something I have? Mary
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I saw a package of these for sale at one of our local stores and was sorely tempted..... can you not find them in your area? Want me to pick you up a package on my next trip to town?
Tana Mc
I did a search and found a guy in NY.He has 20 seeds [I think] for 2.00.Will get some from him in a few days.I have not grown the apple shaped ones yet,I like to plant the 1st day of may.I found pictures on the net, of apple gourds painted they are so pretty and really look like apples.If I have good luck with them I can send some to you.If you decide not to plant them this year .Mary
Baker Creek Seeds has them, hubby and I just made a trip there 2 days ago.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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