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40 years ago, a farmer was summer pasturing his beef cattle on Sugar Island. This area has numerous pastures, hay fields and Maple trees. Near Sault Ste. Marie, MI. The cattle broke the fence, traveled 5 miles on the island roads. They then swam across a big river, into Canada. The herd split up and came to visit three different cattle farms. The cattle were gone for a couple weeks before they were missed. Took a bit of work to discover where they had gone and a lot of international paperwork getting them back home.

Hunt clubs provide an opportunity for a hunter to shoot a trophy deer. But that's costly. A more affordable wild boar hunt became popular alternative. So, farmers began importing and raising wild hogs. One farmer fenced a 40 acre area of swamp and brush and imported 250 wild hogs. When he checked on them 90 days later they had all escaped, posing a hazard to crop land, ponds, streams and commercial hog facilities.

Isle Royal, in Lake Superior, has both moose and wolves. It has been the wish of environmentalists that if left unattended, they would work out some degree of balance. That hasn't worked out well.

Deer will eat white cedar to avoid starvation. Not much eats White Spruce.
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