Is this a good deal for an Angora Goat?

Discussion in 'Goats' started by Mountain Mom, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. Mountain Mom

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    Feb 25, 2003
    Northern VT
    Today I visited a woment that wanted to sell a couple Shetland Sheep and an Angora wether. While I know a little about the breed and fiber, I am not sure about the pricing of this guy...hoping you guys could offer some input.

    He's about 3 years old, good bulky size, good set of horns. Looks fairly healthy, although he was tethered with a harness, which had worn a scrape on the bridge of his nose. He wasn't happy about being tied (and who would be) but he was approachable and feeling him over he handled just fine. His fiber is a beautiful silver lock. He has curls from the top of his head, almost to his toes! She's asking $100....what do you think?

    I already own dairy goats and cashmere goats, so I'm familiar with living coniditions and what not. Just not with pricing. Thanks.
  2. tioga12

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    Jun 26, 2006
    mountains of northcentral PA
    I would do it. $100. sounds very reasonable.

  3. Shazza

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    Nov 20, 2004
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    I would do it for a 100 whats that in US...a good deal I reckon...or is it the other way round?? Just think of all the beautiful things you can do with his fleece each year!!! :)