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Is there a plant called Lithium?

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My mother has a plant..that is about 3 ft. high and has tall spikes of purple on it. She thinks it's called Lithium. But I cannot find any info on it. Any ideas what it may be? Central Ohio here.
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Thanks everyone!! I do believe it is the Liatris plant. But I'm not absolutely 100% positive of it. It has about about 12 or so decidious branches coming up in a group and it looks like I can probably get a start off if it that way too. It sure is very pretty when it blooms.(It's done blooming here now till next year) But I thought the Loosestrife plant was very pretty too!! I wish I could get one of them!! Thanks for everyone's mother still believes it is called lithium!! LOL
Sorry Suelandress...but I looked at the pics of the Linum and I'd still say this plant is the Liatris...judging by all the info and all the pics I've seen of it so far. I will wait till next year and really watch the plant with a very close eye and take notes on it too. THEN...I will know for sure exactly what it is. But for now....I will call it a Liatris...and my dear mother will still call it her Lithium !! :haha: LOL :haha:
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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