We purchase tons of stuff for various projects, on our journey to being mortgage-free and grid-free. Some things I could see were manufactured in America ... I found the manufacturer's address, or purchased directly from the mfg company.

Others weren't so obvious ... I hit Harbor Freight at one of the nearby cities (2 hours away) fairly often ... most stuff there is manufactured in China, Mexico and other places; however, the storefronts (brick and mortar building) and retail employees are here in America.

My wife shops at Wally world wherever possible ... partly because she loves to shop, and what's better than an itty-bitty store? Acres and acres of store! I'm not sure anything in there is American-made anymore ... however, same as HF, tons of local stores and employees. Not much else is available ...

Isn't this free market systems at work?

I've seen in some HT threads that folks feel strongly about purchasing only in America, or made in America, etc. If our politicians aren't writing the laws in such a way that at least "final assembly" is done in the country of "final use", and in fact, things were done to incentivize moving manufacturing overseas in the first place, what's to be done about it? Personal choice of where you want your dollars to go? Harsh language?

Heck, I'm all for tougher laws and firing squads if the user guide can't be read, or has to be unfolded 20 or 30 times, and then still can't be read ... I'm one of the last who will RTFM before first use, and these kinds of user guides mean a long stint on Google, puzzling out the instructions.

But, don't we want a "global supply" of underlying goods and materials?

Still pondering where and how our dollars get spent ... it's tough to nail them down and make them stay local.

Opinions? Options?