is NOW the best time to buy a tiller?

Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by Oilpatch197, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. Oilpatch197

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    Apr 18, 2004
    SouthEastern Illinois
    I was in the Sears store the other day and they knocked off over a hundered bucks on their tillers, When is the best time to buy a Tiller?
  2. Dyeing_Fox

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    Jun 25, 2005
    For everything regarding working the land. I look in the Fall around September/October. As for when I bought my snowblower, at the beginning of Spring lol.
    I find the best deals in the Fall on farm equipment, especially if you live in the country and look at local ads, most people decide to sell Uncle Joes tractor, Tiller etc. to get Yule Tide Money. Also as most tourists have left, if they are pulling any scams, they will be less likely to try it on a local. I am not saying that all people scam, but when money (nasty stuff) is involved some forget their morals.
    Sears, I have bought some good things from them, BUT, when I see items marked down there alot of times they are returns reboxed, or factory reconditioned. That is especially prevalent at Sears. Although the law does not dictate they have to put a label telling you it is reboxed or reconditioned (Wal-Mart is famous for putting crap back on the shelves at full price and when you get home find things missing! I bought a VCR from them and found a kids toy stuck inside it!) But, the law does dictate that IF you ask, THEY must tell. And you can get it written on your receipt if you like.

  3. Blu3duk

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    Jun 2, 2002
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    Anytime any place puts something on sale can be a great time to buy.... find the manager and ask for an additional discount off that price cause you are gonna pay cash... like at least 4% cause thats what credit card companies can charge the seller for the privelge of extending credits.

    Plus the manager can if it strikes them right give additional off beyond the sale price too.... volume makes them look good even if it at a discount.

    check for scratches, dings and such to use a a bargaining chip for the haggling... if they wont give you any more off see what else they will throw in with the purchase as incentive to buy it.... new set of tools for working on it? tarp to cover it? case of oil for chaging oil for a couple years [every 24 running hours of use]? gas can for fuel storage? extra spark plug, extra tines, extra belt... shoot only half the fun is in finding a sale item... the other half is in seeing how much they really wanna make the sale.... and each time you haggle it gets easier, although my wife dont let me go shopping with her much any more after that incident in the lingere department asking the clerk to model the different see thru stuff.... so carefulwhat you haggle over.

  4. Quint

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    Nov 12, 2004
    Probably a good time. I always bought my snowblowers in the spring. I'd be looking around at garage sales, auctions and the classified ads too. I seen a nice Troy Built tiller go for 125 bucks last month or so. The paint hadn't even been worn off the tines yet. I only had 100 on me or I would have bought it.

    Like Blu3duk said never pay full price for something at sears or someplace like that. You can usually negotiate with cash. The last string trimmer I bought I paid 40 bucks off the sale price. Appliances are another item where negotiation can bring big savings.
  5. sullen

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    Oct 14, 2004
    Sears will honor any lower price they put on an item for 30 if they mark it down more in the next month, take the receipt back and get the new lower price. We got 2 sales on our washer and dryer that way.