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Part "A" is free, you do need to sign up for part "B" if you don't have altenative insurance,otherwise you will get dinged with a penalty, Same thing with Part "D" which is a drug plan. My wife being on SS for years due to disability was signed up for part "A" which was free, I had a qualifiying medical and prescription plan through my work, so she didn't have to sign up for that until I retired B" which we pay for, now for prescription we signed up for the cheapest plan they had which is about $8 a month, we found out that by using we save more than what insurance covers. We still get some savings, but my advice is look up your drug on GOODRX and see what it cost is compared to whatever you have, CVS is the most expensive drug store out there. Now I also signed up for PART"G" which is a supplement and so far have been very happy with that. So far all I had to pay is the Medicare Deductible which is a bit over $200 each and they have been covering everything else. So yes medical is expensive, but both Part "B" and Part "D" are coming down a bit for 2023, it is better than the plan I had while working. So I'm paying about $170 a month for each of us for part "B", $8 a month for Part "D" prescription and another $221 a month for both my wife and I supplemental Insurance. Which I get through AARP United Healthcare. If anyone needs a good agent to talk to I can reccomend someone who I deal with. He should be able to help or at least answer questions, I know he can work in both OHIO and PA, and some other states too. His name is Mike Yost and his phone number is 330-518-8876, tell him David Rissel sent you.
1 - 1 of 105 Posts