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I got SS at 62 because I was sick and had no income. Also did the math and won't break even until 76 compared to taking the larger amount at 65. I didn't have the opportunity to get Medicare until I was 65. I think both A and B were required at that time. My SS check went down $170? a month to pay for it.

You must have prescription drug coverage. If you don't the gov fines you. The longer you are without, the higher the fine. You pay the fine every month as long as you live. I was without for a while so I pay $7.50 a month.

I got a Blue Cross advantage plan. It's zero premium per month and you have to use their preferred providers. It covers most prescriptions and has $50 a quarter credit for over the counter meds thru CVS. There are other small benefits for dental, vision, and health clubs.

If you are over 65 and low income you can get Medicaid to cover your $170 part B premium but only if you have few assets. I have 2 rural properties and my own home, free and clear. I'm cash poor and land rich. I don't qualify for Medicaid.
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