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Is it true?

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Some of my favorite customers are moving to Washington state to be closer to their daughter's family. They're moving close to the Oregon state line. They say that Washington has no state income tax and that Oregon has no sales tax. They claim that they can live in and work in Washington without paying any state income tax and can drive 30 minutes across the state line into Oregon to buy everything they need without having to pay any sales tax?

Does this sound too good to be true? Is it true?
Why aren't we all moving there?
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The Washington counties that border Oregon also have sales tax exemptions so that they don't lose all their business to Oregon. People still do lots of shopping in OR because prices tend to be lower there because of a somewhat less robust economy.
I would much rather we had an income tax here and got rid of most of the sales taxes. Sales tax is horribly regressive. We also have a Business and Occupation tax that is just awful. Unfortunately, no one in our state government is brave enough to overhaul our system and impose an income tax. Somehow they did have the wherewithal to pass on to the taxpayers the cost of building a stadium in Seattle after voters had turned it down. Money talks, the rest of us are dirt.
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