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Is it just me or.....

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do the flies seem really bad this year?! I swear every time our front door is opened THOUSANDS of the annoying buggers come swarming in! Okay, maybe not thousands but alot! Anyway to get rid of them or deter them from coming in the house? Seems like I heard somewhere about hanging up baggies of water but I really don't remember....
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Don't bother with the baggies - they don't work.
We tried a homemade trap that someone in one of these forums suggested. Cut the top 1/2 of a plastic soda bottle off and invert it. Glue it into the bottom 1/2 - so it looks like a funnel going in. Put an inch or so of wine or honey water or soda - they go in to drink and can't get out and drown. We caught a few.

....but now we use QuickBayt. can put the granules in a small dish and put it well out of reach of the kids. A little goes a long way and the stuff is miraculous.

If you're still unsure, the fly tape is the next best thing.
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