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Is it just me or.....

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do the flies seem really bad this year?! I swear every time our front door is opened THOUSANDS of the annoying buggers come swarming in! Okay, maybe not thousands but alot! Anyway to get rid of them or deter them from coming in the house? Seems like I heard somewhere about hanging up baggies of water but I really don't remember....
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Bad flies usually means an animal management problem to me...yours or a neighbor's.

That said, go buy some QuickBayt and kill them buggers.

I have not used it personally, but many on HT have and I have heard glowing reports from others "in person."
rkintn said:
I live in town and there aren't any livestock type animals or really any animals around to speak of and I am pretty sure I don't want to be spraying chemicals all around the house or the kids..but thanks for the advice:)
It's granules, not a spray. You shake them on the ground. :shrug: Different strokes. Ever look up all the diseases certain flies can give your kids? Here, I'll make it easy...the site also has etimology and prevention...

The bags of water are rumored to work. I know the BBQ in town has them over the drive-in window and they say they work. Other than that, and keeping garbage, pet feces, etc., under control, fly strips and a flyswatter are the only non-chemical controls of which I know.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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