is Cedar OK to build a Cage With?

Discussion in 'Rabbits' started by Timedess, Jan 9, 2005.

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    We got 6 little black bunnies over new year's weekend... They're not "meat" rabbits or anything that big, but they are growing pretty fast and we need to get them out of the cage we have them all together in. My dh has a lot of cedar fence panels he was thinking of using to build their hutches out of, combined with the chicken wire we have left over fromt he chicken coop. I have read that we shouldn't use cedar or pine shavings for bedding, but can we use it for the hutch? I know the chicken wire will be rough on their feet... but it is all we have available at the moment, and I'm planning on putting "sitting boards" in there too.
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    Both cedar and pine are "aromatic" woods. Pine is commonly used either as nesting material and/or in combination with straw/hay. Cedar, however, is much stronger and can cause respiratory problems and particularly if ingested. Since rabbits *WILL* chew on anything wooden, this could be a problem.

    Not sure if the chicken wire will even be strong enough to use for the bottom of the hutch and especially if you will be housing the 6 young bunnies together for awhile. Poultry wire isn't recommended for several reasons... rabbits can literally chew through it, and even with the smaller diameter wire, it increases chances of broken legs when the foot falls through. This can also happen with rabbit wire, but not as often.

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    Bummer. Thanks for sharing that disappointing, but necessary, info, Pat. I'll have to "go on a rabbit hunt" and see what else I can come up with. They ought to be OK in the cage for a while longer, I suppose. We do let them out daily for exercise- I try to have them out at least an hour a day when the family cooperates (they're indoors for now due to icky and unpredictable weather).

    Thanks again, Pat!