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  1. Ross

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    May 9, 2002
    We have some new posters here on the sheep board and of coarse they are most welcome to contribute thier experiences and thoughts. Our original intros are buried deep and rather than dig it out I thought we could all just resign in or post a few lines about ourselves, as a renewed/new get to know each other.

    Me first: We have a family run farm in E Ontario, where we raise lambs for Halal and farmers' market sales from 200 cross bred and or PB ewes. Our flock is comprised of North County Cheviot, Suffolk, Hampshire, Dorset, Canadian and Rideau Arcott and Polypay. That's being narrowed down!! We also hope to get wool processign up and running for both our own wool and as a custom service for others. Milking ewes for cheese production is a very slow to grow side of our farm and perhaps one day we'll tie it all together!
  2. Thumper/inOkla.

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    May 10, 2002
    centeral Okla. S of I-40, E of I-35
    I am located in centeral Okla, right now I just have one lamb of unknown breed, and we are learning with him.

    So far, we are likeing him very much and look forward to getting some purebred sheep in a year or so. Right now I am likeing Red sheep.

    edited to update info on 4/13/05:

    Hi, since this thread was on the top page, I thought an update was in order.

    I now have 3 navajo-churro sheep, [one black, one brown and one oatmeal in color] 2 ewe's and a ram and the coopworth ram [white], that I started with.
    I free range and so far all are doing well.

  3. Shahbazin

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    Dec 9, 2002
    I am in southern CA, & have a flock of 26 Shetlands, and an Angora goat. I've had the sheep for a little over 7 years now. I do my own shearing, spin, & crochet; obviously, my focus is on the wool. My current project is raising some dye plants in my garden :) I also raise fancy poultry, & run a couple of Anatolian Shepherd dogs with my flocks.
  4. Hank - Narita

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    Aug 12, 2002
    At present we don't have sheep but hope to get some bummers to raise on our goats' milk. Our county has a expert on Dorper sheep and his relatives formed the Dorper society or organization. We hope to get cross breds of Dorper/Suffolk or Dorset. We used to have a Dorset ewe and several head of Suffolks in Central CA. Where in SoCal are you located?
  5. Shahbazin

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    Dec 9, 2002
    I'm in San Diego county - are you thinking of coming down to the San Diego County (used to be Del Mar fair, same place, different name) fair this next week? The wool sheep & Angora goats are on exhibit Tues. the 15th - Sun. the 20th. I'm hauling some sheep down on Monday - this will be my 4th year showing.
  6. shepmom

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    May 29, 2003
    We started out with 3 Blackbelly hair sheep(lambs) last October and purchased 2 more ewe lambs. (they are addictive) One of the ewe lambs is a cross. She's blackbelly/katahdin. I always like having an oddball in the mix. :haha:

    The eldest lambs will be a year old mid-July. No signs that they are with lambs.
    They didn't turn out, being as prolific as I thought they would. The ewes seem to be quite good at avoiding the ram, but then he isn't very persistent, either.
    We'll give it some more time before we get another ram. (he's grown on our hearts--he's quite a character, but if need be we'll put him in the freezer locker)

    We're already wanting more, if we could afford it. For now they keep the pastures(field) mowed and provide us with entertainment and manure for garden, trees and plants. Very curious and observant (though Jumpy) breed.

    Central and Humid
  7. Gunner

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    Jun 20, 2002
    My wife (Kat) and I raise purebred Katahdin sheep here in south central MO. Our base flock started out with 3 ewes and 3 ewe lambs a short time back. We are up to 23 in our flock and are still growing.

    We (or should I say I), retired from the U.S. Coast Guard 3 years ago. We own a 43 acre farm that we raise sheep, background a few head of calves and have a small flock of chickens.

    We currently have 5 papered ram lambs that are available for anyone interested.
  8. We have a small flock of Corriedale/Icelandic ewes in central Wisconsin. This year's lambs are out of a Dorset ram that carries the Booroola gene. The traits that we select for are low-maintenance, mothering ability, and prolificacy. We sell lambs to individuals, and also some naturally-colored roving and quilt batts.

    Enrique, Janet, Susan, and Leo
    Wintersong Farm
    Coloma, Wisconsin
  9. renee7

    renee7 Well-Known Member

    Mar 15, 2003
    I'm in East/Central Indiana. I have 2 goats. I milk one. about 25 chickens, banty's and guenia's.
    A little over a week ago, I bought 10 half Katahdin weathers. they are really small about 20 lb. I have never raised sheep before. But if I can get them over this hump, I know that I will love raiseing them.
    I lost one.

    I see one of the problems. They have no tail at all. they've been docked right up to the tail bone.

    Anyway, i'm doctoring them, and hopefully they will come thru.

    I bought this 3 acres 2 yrs ago. And I love it.
  10. Taylor

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    May 10, 2002
    We are in west central Indiana, and raise Shetlands. Along with a Jersey cow, chickens (darn rooster ate my blueberries off the lower bush today) and a Nubian goat for fun. We select for hardiness, wool quality, and mothering ability. Just sheared Saturday, and the shearer complimented us on our docile, easy-going flock, so I was glad to hear the opinion of someone who's seen lots of area flocks.
    Good luck to all the new shepherds, and a couple of good resources:
    Fleece Fair at Greencastle, IN is always the second Saturday in April at the Putnam County fairgrounds. Lots of fiber-related booths and demonstrations, shearing school, workshops, and sheep people to talk with.
    Indiana State Fair - early August, Indianapolis, various breed classes which are great for finding out about the different breeds and who raises them, plus the Sheep-to-Shawl contest is quite interesting.
  11. Sarah J

    Sarah J Well-Known Member

    Jun 28, 2003
    Southeast Iowa
    I suppose it's my turn.

    Northwest Iowa. We've been working for five years to get our homestead up to snuff, so to speak. We have six sheep - all Suffolk and SuffolkX. One adult (four years, I think?) and her two 6 month old lambs (one of whom is hitting the freezer as soon as I can get around to it!), and three more bottle lambs. We have two adult goats (Nubian and Saanen) for milking and their two doelings who are getting weaned as we speak. I have a Holstein calf for beef next year (he's only 6 months), a variety of chickens for eggs and meat, two rabbits (pets only), and a large fuzzy predator dog, who has a high respect for the electric fence he's in...we need a LGD ASAP, too, for keeping with the sheep. Hoping to get a Grt. Pyr but can't really travel...makes getting one in my area very difficult! Everyone seems to have labradors here...great for hunting, not so great for guarding. *sigh*

    Four acres, big garden, pasture area. Happy as can be!

  12. sistertwo

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    Jul 11, 2004
    As of Aug 03 I am located in NE Kansas having moved from Birmingham, Alabama. I'm single mom with a teenage son. We bought an old school house with plans on remodeling. Currently in the kitchen and out of money. My dream is to build a miniture farm to add to my "one room school house" with hopes of offering fieldtrips to Topeka area school kids. I am a teacher in one of Topeka's poorest schools and couldn't believe these kids didn't even know what a ranch was!
    I purchased a black lamb this spring he went to school with me one day and was a huge hit! He is a loyal companion and very much a mama's boy! I don't know what breed.

    Because I desire a miniture farm I am interested in babydoll sheep and hope to aquire a couple next spring (if I can get the kitchen back together).
    Thanks for the helpful info!
  13. Carol K

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    May 10, 2002
    Western NY
    I'm Carol, and have just become interested in hair sheep. I raised a couple of lambs for the freezer a couple of years ago and the wool put me off doing them full time!! Then I kept reading about hair sheep and so I'm doing my research. I've been on the forum since the old countryside board, but new to the sheep forum. I'm reding through the older pages here to learn all I can, but I'm sure I'll have loads of those newbie questions for you all!!

    Carol K
  14. mawalla

    mawalla Well-Known Member

    Oct 27, 2002
    I live in Northwest Arkansas with my husband and two young daughters. We have 7 acres where I raise market lambs out of my small flock of cross bred ewes. We also have a small flock of chickens that we have as ornaments and egg layers. Of course there are also 3 dogs, 4 cats, 2 parakettes a fish and a lizard that share our space.

    I was a Licensed nursing home administrator for 20 years. I retired to stay home with kids,(I had my children at an older age than most folks.) I now do the books for my husband's land surveying business as well as work part time for a mixed practice veterinarian clinic as an assistant and receptionist,(my "fun" job!) I'm a co-leader for a girl scout troop and do some volunteer work at the girls' school.

    Homesteading Today has always been a real fun place for me to cruise. I was very happy that they set up a Sheep" forum as the little buggers are one of my passions!

  15. Cat

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    Jun 19, 2004
    Hello, I am a newbie to the forum (in a manner of speaking) as I hadn't frequented it often but have started doing so for the sheep and goat forums. I run 10 mixed breed ewes, from Columbia X to Romanov X. I was up to 20 at one point but the winter feed bill got to be too much, but boy oh boy do I wish I had that many now as we have weeds 5' high from all the rain we've gotten this summer! :eek: I'm interested in starting a PB flock, I really like the cheviots but have just recently began looking at other breeds. Icelandic has been suggested, as has Dorper. I don't have any goats at the moment but I hope to find a few in the near future, preferably Alpine, or a swiss breed if at all possible. I'm now trying to deal with health issues in one of my ewes, a lady I raised on a bottle in the house! I'm hoping it's physical injury rather than illness, if that's anything to hope for! :( At any rate, I look forward to participating in the forum!
  16. Jen H

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    Jun 16, 2004
    I guess its my turn to drop out of lurk!

    Hubby and I have 30 acres east of Bellingham, WA where we grow cider apples and make hard cider. We have 2 cashmere goats, 3 dogs (husky, kelpie, and german shorthair), 2 cats, and now 2 sheep (cheviot, black welsh mtn x).

    We just sheared one of the sheep, and really did a lousy job. The goats I just brush the underhair out, so this was our first time shearing. I weave and spin, so this really helps cut down on my yarn addiction.
  17. Reynard Ridge

    Reynard Ridge Active Member

    Aug 11, 2004
    Husband and I have farm in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Bought it about 2 years ago and it is a fixer, fixer upper! The family we bought it from had been here for about 50 years and did everything themselves. Just not all that well.

    Ah, well, nothing lots of time and money won't solve!!

    Right now, I have 100 mostly Rhode Island Red layers. I sell the eggs locally. We have about 60 acres in hay, so will get a horse in the spring (I have ridden all of my life) and we are considering all of the following: feeder cattle, feeder sheep and feeder goats. We're not ready to start breeding, we want to see how we do with livestock before we get in too deep. We are also going to do small scale maple syrup next winter and have planted a few Christmas trees, looking to expand as we have time and energy.

    I knit and am learning to spin, but am leary of getting sheep 'just' for the fiber (basically, all of our farming projects have to have a reasonable payout and I haven't figured out how to make that one work). There are enough people around here with sheep who discard the fleece every year that I don't need to have sheep of my own to happily spin and knit all year long.

    I found this site yesteday - and will spend the next week reading all of the back history! But expect to see me around!

  18. MichaelK

    MichaelK Active Member

    May 6, 2004
    Upstate NY
    We live in upstate NY on the VT border where we raise registered Katahdins.
    We have three blood lines going and one is from the original Piel farm in Maine.

    We are a grass fed operation on 143 acres currently supporting 32 breeding ewes and one breeding age ram and three ram lambs. (Two of which are for sale).

    We have three border collies, one a trial dropout who is the hardest and most important worker we have; the other two are still training, (one thinks he's a Labrador!).

    We use two female llamas as guardians. They are sisters, and so far so good.

    We sell registered breeding stock, freezer lambs and lamb for farmer's markets in upstate NY and Vermont.
  19. LeahN

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    Oct 17, 2003
    I'm Leah from Henry County, Kentucky. We raise dorsets and Lincoln longwools and at the moment we have about 55 sheep, 11 of which are wethers and lambs that will be butchered or sold (if someone wants a ram or wether) in the near future. We also raise Icelandic horses and Gotland ponies, chickens, ducks, guineas, and a few peafowl. We have a few nubian goats, a boer cross doe, 2 alpacas, a mini donkey, 3 mustangs (including a Kiger) various dogs and cats, a cockatiel, a few fish tanks, and the newest addition, a sugar glider.
    We're raising the sheep for the lamb meat, which we're selling live and we'll have the lambs butchered for the buyers. We'd also like eventually to sell wool from the Lincolns, but we have a burr problem in an area of one of our pastures and this coming year will be the first attempt at making decent fleeces. There is some good wool from the past 2 years, but its all been bagged together so we have about 600 lbs of wool in the barn that hasn't been used.
    I'm actually moving to Iowa on Sunday for school...I'm going to vet school at Iowa State, but I'll be coming home on breaks to work the sheep. I'm sure I'll get to worm, trim hooves, and vaccinate when I'm home! I have a detailed database of sheep records that I'll still keep up so I can help manage the flock from Iowa.
  20. woolfool

    woolfool Member

    Jul 25, 2004

    Victoria here, I work at a living history museum in Dallas where we have a flock of Rambouillets. We also have Mammoth Jackstock donkeys, a Milking Shorthorn and a flock of Dominiques. Among my many jobs and I am mom to the sheep.

    In my spare time I spin, knit and weave. This spring I started my own little business and have been shearing for the local petting zoos and other small flocks.