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Hello to our new business forum. This is a wonderful addition to

My real name is Alice. I'm 54 years old, married, two adult married sons, two grandchildren.

I taught in a small public school for fifteen years. During that time, I bought small distressed homes and a friend and I remodeled/refurbished them to become rent houses. I now own five rent houses in a small town in south Texas, one in Austin, and one in southern Missouri. I do as much of the upkeep/repairs myself as possible.

I also am bookkeeper and Secretary/Treasurer of the Board of Directors of my husband's Sub-Chapter S corporation. He is a registered petroleum engineer, and he works in the oilfield as a consultant on drilling and workover rigs.

Besides that, after my mom died recently, I became the Trustee of a family trust started by my grandfather many years ago. I manage the investments and the real estate. It includes both commercial and residential real estate in Austin, Texas.

I do NOT do the tax prep for the various entities that I manage. The tax code is much too complicated, and that's what professionals are for! I use Quickbooks for the financial data on the corporation and the Trust, and I use Microsoft Money for my rental houses and our personal accounts.

For fun, I have three milking dairy goats and their offspring, three horses, one miniature horse, and two dogs.

As you can see, my experience is *quite* varied. I will be delighted to share info with other business people in this forum!
1 - 2 of 52 Posts