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I would like to see this forum be successful.

Should we start with introductions?

I was a printing broker for 15 years, and still broker some print from time to time. The printing business has continued to take beatings from a changing economy, internet, lower margins, office printers, etc. Due to extremely long work weeks, lower profit margins, and health issues, I have changed my focus to selling printed items online.

Several years ago, I started ebaying. Buying at auctions, and reselling on ebay. I really enjoy this work.

I also have 2 'junk' booths at an indoor flea market. This is also stuff that I have bought at auction, but not worth ebaying. We have done well with this business overall, but you will never get rich doing it, I don't believe.

My wife and I also sell Fiesta brand dishes at several antique malls. This is fun, but HARD work! Again, not something you are going to get rich doing.

I wish we made more money, but I am happy enough. (My wife is employed full time with an agency.)

1 - 5 of 52 Posts