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Hello and thanks for this forum!

DH and I have a 3.5 acre farm that came with a 1200sq ft store. We are very fortunate.
Right now we sell eggs and a little produce here and there, but plan to go wide open in the spring.
We would like to and are already getting set up for higher egg sales volume, chicks, veggie seedlings and produce.
I hope to bring in some products from friends such as honey and soaps.
And in my ultimate dream get my kitchen redone and state approved for breads.
In my area I will be the ONLY on farm, fresh produce around. I am hoping that gives me a good advantage. And if I get a kitchen in I will be the only bakery.
I would also like to branch out into some other homemade items, I am just not sure what yet.

Dh is a carpenter who would like to get into furniture building. I have hopes that eventually he can do this. I would like it too I think. I did it with my SF as a kid.

The potentail is here. Now all we need is hard work and good luck.
1 - 1 of 52 Posts