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Well that stinks! I just finished writing my whole introduction and it disapeared before it posted LOL. Bet this one will be shorter! Lets see I am 56 DH is 61 we live on top of the world in SW Montana. I am employed full time as an addictions counselor and will starting a new job at the prison in Deer Lodge (currently working for Silver Bow County- Butte). Any way I have been making natural lodge pole coat trees and natural stone cabinet knobs for several years. Began selling these items about 4 years ago and have done fairly well. Have a web store, sell on ebay and at local markets and shows. About two years ago I also began making and selling natural stone jewelry and am told I have a good eye for it. With this new job I will be able to retire at the end of 2009 which is what revitalized my latest pondering. About 20 years ago my younger brother and I were living up in the mountains of southeast arizona near a ski resort. We started a small business where folks would pay us to check on their cabins and property. Not like a security service more like a cabin checker thing. We would go by each property twice or thrice a week and make sure there was no damage due to fallen trees, vandals, storms, bears etc. If there was damage we would make the dwelling weather tight again and notify the owner who would make permanant repairs. If the police needed to be called we would also take care of this. Back then I belived we charged 20-30 per month for this. The section I live on has about 6 weekend cabins and another section caddy corner to ours has about a dozen being built right now. Just wondering if this might bring in a bit more extra money during these troubled times. We could atv to the properties in the summer and snowmobile over in the winter so it would always appear that the place was being watched. Anybody have any advice or comment on this idea? sis
1 - 3 of 52 Posts