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I would like to see this forum be successful.

Should we start with introductions?

I was a printing broker for 15 years, and still broker some print from time to time. The printing business has continued to take beatings from a changing economy, internet, lower margins, office printers, etc. Due to extremely long work weeks, lower profit margins, and health issues, I have changed my focus to selling printed items online.

Several years ago, I started ebaying. Buying at auctions, and reselling on ebay. I really enjoy this work.

I also have 2 'junk' booths at an indoor flea market. This is also stuff that I have bought at auction, but not worth ebaying. We have done well with this business overall, but you will never get rich doing it, I don't believe.

My wife and I also sell Fiesta brand dishes at several antique malls. This is fun, but HARD work! Again, not something you are going to get rich doing.

I wish we made more money, but I am happy enough. (My wife is employed full time with an agency.)

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Hello to our new business forum. This is a wonderful addition to

My real name is Alice. I'm 54 years old, married, two adult married sons, two grandchildren.

I taught in a small public school for fifteen years. During that time, I bought small distressed homes and a friend and I remodeled/refurbished them to become rent houses. I now own five rent houses in a small town in south Texas, one in Austin, and one in southern Missouri. I do as much of the upkeep/repairs myself as possible.

I also am bookkeeper and Secretary/Treasurer of the Board of Directors of my husband's Sub-Chapter S corporation. He is a registered petroleum engineer, and he works in the oilfield as a consultant on drilling and workover rigs.

Besides that, after my mom died recently, I became the Trustee of a family trust started by my grandfather many years ago. I manage the investments and the real estate. It includes both commercial and residential real estate in Austin, Texas.

I do NOT do the tax prep for the various entities that I manage. The tax code is much too complicated, and that's what professionals are for! I use Quickbooks for the financial data on the corporation and the Trust, and I use Microsoft Money for my rental houses and our personal accounts.

For fun, I have three milking dairy goats and their offspring, three horses, one miniature horse, and two dogs.

As you can see, my experience is *quite* varied. I will be delighted to share info with other business people in this forum!
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I have been a self-employed tax preparer for about 14 years now. I have also helped Cale over the years when he has been self-employed in the construction field-roughly half of our marriage.
How interesting!!!!!!!

I wish my health were better. I think there is a gold mine in distressed homes right now.

I've been self employed for 15 years, first in what became a large handmade soap cottage industry and now as a market farmer. We grow seedlings for spring sales, vegetables for year-round harvest in unheated greenhouses, and small fruits. Our seedling customers are retail and it's split between retail and wholesale for vegetables and fruits.

We have a small "farm" in WV. We are slowly converting land that is clay, low PH, low Phosphorus into gardening soil.

We sell comfrey root starts each spring, and kefir grains on a bi-weekly basis. We look forward to developing some other home based business.

I have 25 years experience in making schedules, with emphasis on the most efficient use of personpower (manpower), by merging 5 day week demands with Saturday and/or Sunday demands to produce mixed 5 day schedules across a 7 day work week. This will sound confusing to most people.

Thanks for starting this forum. Very timely!

Rick and Ann
I've sold, and still sell, books online for over 10 years as featherbottoms. I've had a tremendous amount of help and support from my husband.

Now, we are starting an online Classified and Marketplace site called grfind (that stands for GrassRoots Find).

We have a page for free Classified ads, announcements, Job listings, etc. The Stores are free for 100 or less items and right now we have 9 different Stores where people can make their own store to list items.

Our goal is to make grfind the best marketplace on the Internet.

Hello, everyone!

I spent 13 years as a landscaper, 10 of those running my own business with one part-time employee. Then we moved to our little slice of heaven and started farming. I sold veggies, fruit, and my hand-made soaps at a farmer's market until that market dissolved.

We had planned to start a hard cidery. Bought the equipment, planted the trees, then ran into some licensing issues that brought that idea to a complete stop. Rather than continue to throw good money down a black hole, we saw the little grocery store near us was for sale and got into the grocery business.

Husband still takes on computer hardware repair and internet security jobs. I run the store. I still make soaps and sell them through some local places.
I look forward to reading this forum. I have allot going on but not much profit coming in yet. I work fulltime, I sell Avon- the profits pay for my stuff, I paint pastel pet portraits- not steady, I really need to learn advertizing, I tried Ebay but the fees take too much of what little you get. I found that has free store fronts simular to Ebay stores. I started an online wig shop there but only one sell so far. I also offer some of my artwork through as teeshirts, prints, cards, etc. It is free to list also.
I am a self-employed real estate appraiser. Times are a little slow right now so I am trying to figure out what else I can do to supplement the income until the market gets a little better. Not sure if I should try to start up another business (and if so, what kind!), try a work at home type job or try to get a parttime job outside of the house.
I guess I'm the only one here that does not have a work at home business yet. I'm here to learn and hopefully begin a business from home. DH is scheduled to retire from the USAF in a little over 4 years and we would like to have something going before then. We're just not sure what area to go in and how to go about it. I hope you guys don't mind me lurking and trying to learn.

Oh, a little about myself and my family; we live in Georgia on 2 acres of land. Our family includes myself, my Dh and our DS who is 10 yrs old. My DD is grown and gone now. We raise a few chickens and have our garden. I also homeschool. I have some medical disabilities but have a background in Medical Administration through the Air Force. A few years ago we opened a small computer store, but unfortunately we didn't do very well with it.
Hi everyone! I've been here (on HT) for a a year or two - but don't post much. I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and info with everyone here.

I'm in the engraving and imprinting business, and have been doing this for the last 7 years. Before that I was in IT in the finance industry (talk about a drastic change, LOL!).

Right now, the business is located in a small city area - but I'm trying to figure out the best way to transition it to our land without losing half my clients.

I've got a LOT of experience with QuickBooks and I'm happy to answer any questions that might come up if you're using that particular software.

Looking forward to a lot of good back and forth here!
I also think this is a good idea. I retired after too many years in the health care field and DH lost his job 2 years ago.We have 28 acres in the N.E Ga mtns. It is an income producing hen farm. We contract out to a local company and collect eggs.We also have meat goats .We produce our own hay and sell some .We are looking for areas to diversify as the economy is hurting the hen buisness.I also sell on e-bay and have a booth at a local antique market.We make our entire living from the farm except DH is driving a school bus for the insurance.
I have an online business, Larry Lupole Music, that I originally started to sell my husband's music cd in 2002. He was hurt in an work related accident and could not play his guitar (his right elbow was crushed) to promote it. So I have taken it through many different changes since then. In the last year, I became a distributor for Curt Mangan guitar strings and am focusing on that, as well as doing some homesteading related writing.

We live in the state forest of upstate NY in an off the grid home. Just trying to develop our homestead to be as self sufficient as possible in these times.

I am a virtual real estate assistant. My job entails managing contact management databases for Realtor clients and assisting with marketing. I've designed and implemented contact management plans as well as marketing pieces for my clients. I've been working from home for 4 years, having started after losing my job as a licensed real estate assistant. I also manage our three condo rentals and am looking for other part-time endeavors to supplement my income. I'm a big believer in diversifying income :)
Hi everyone. We believe in diversification here or "income streaming" so when we have a slow period we have other things to fall back on. DH has been self-employed for the past 13 years selling computer e-books and now a software product that he's written. I sell goat's milk soap at three different markets during the summer and am now heading into some craft fairs for Christmas, and wholesale into some stores. We also have a rental property and would like to look at expanding that area but will wait on that considering market conditions. I would like to second Rose's comment
"I do NOT do the tax prep for the various entities that I manage. The tax code is much too complicated, and that's what professionals are for! " One of the best business decisions we have done is to get a Chartered Accountant to help us manage our businesses.
I have always worked but had to quit due to health problems. I would love to work at something at home. I have started making soap but not sold any. I have sold some eggs but nothing to shake a stick at.

I would love to have like a petting zoo for daycares and school classes to visit. We need to work on the yard more and organize more.

So I'm really looking at all options.

Good Morning,

I'm a freelance writer specializing in gardening, sustainable ag, local food and outdoor recreation so I'm blessed to focus on what I love, and stay home with our 19 month old future gardener. I write for Mother Earth News, Grit, Organic Gardening, Natural Home, and many others including our regional newspaper, the Great Falls Tribune. For years my gardens and various projects have been fodder for stories, but the fun part is there is always so much more to learn! (Moving from the west side of the mountains to the east side two years ago is proof of that... I'm very fortunate to have met several extremely compentent gardeners to help reduce the learning curve.) It's ideal to blend a more self-sufficient, homesteading lifestyle with a profession where I can share it with others.

I was a public school teacher for 18 years, but have had my own business on the side since I was in college (t-shirt business). Over the past 20 years I have started several succesfull businesses, several I still own and operate. Currently, I have a Property Management & Maintenance company which oversees 5 apartment complexes in different capacities. Some I actually deal with all aspects of management, some we only take care of general maintenance, landscaping, lawn care, and snow removal. I also have many residential and commercial mowing contracts and do small scale landscaping projects. General carpentry jobs are also taking off as an offshoot of our other business, and I am considering hiring a full time carpenter. Another area I am currently involved in is owning a fitness center, (hired a manager for daily operations) and I do sports enhancement training. The final main business is providing labor for agricultural companies doing corn detasseling, harvest work, transporting migrant workers for these companies, and any other ag related type labor. Kind of like an "Agriculture Manpower". I actually employ all workers, except for migrants, and I set up contracts with these companies to provide the labor. Through the summer monthes I will have 300+ employees on the payroll. As for migrants, I own 4 buses and I contract the transportation to and from fields or plants, oversee daily labor, but they are employees of the company they are working for. I think next year I am actually for the first time going hire workers here on work visas and see how that goes. Sorry this is so long but I wanted to cover main businesses. I have a few smaller start ups going right now as well. My goal is to eventually have my 3 sons running all of these operations, and I run our farm. Oh, and by the way, I am also the head football coach for our local highschool, and also coach basketball and track.
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I am a high school senior in Southern Georgia, looking foward to college, and hopefully to one day owning my own business in a horticulture related industry. Just looking to learn as much as I can, and meet some more of the great people on HT!

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