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Introducing new heirloom seed company

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Greetings fellow homesteaders and gardeners.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself - a mother and homesteader living in Connecticut - as well as my company, Ethos Seed Company.

Together with my husband, we decided to launch Ethos Seed Company in 2021 after witnessing the seed shortages all over the country. It was obvious to us that America needs a more diversified seed supply to secure both the quantity and the diversity of seeds for the people who know and want to grow their own food. We chose to focus on the vegetable and flower varieties that grow well in our New England climate and thus have been focused on a smaller, but highly reliable catalogue of seeds. Each variety that we offer has been grown either by us on our small farm or by other farms in America. We do not carry any hybrids and as I am sure most of you know, we do not (and cannot!) carry any GMOs.

All the seeds we offer are either heirlooms or more recent open-pollinated varieties.

We strive to provide exceptional quality while maintaining a competitive price for the home gardeners across America.

So, come take a look at us at and check out our collections!

Marjorie, founder and owner at Ethos Seed Company
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