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Introducing a new goat

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Hi all;

We have had our 4 year old goat since spring. Tomorrow we will bring home a new goat that was born in December. Any tips on how to introduce them?? I just want to make sure that everything will go well.


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When we brought in new goats, after quarentining them we put them in a pasture adjacent to the other goats. That way they could talk to each other through the fence and gate. After everyone got uninterested, we opened the gate. Worked for us. I dont' know what the 'proper' procedure would be, though.

Meg :)
If I only had a place to seperate them. I don't have a place that I can do that. I'm hoping since the other one is so young that she will just submit right away to the older one. However, our older goat has been an "only" goat for a very long time. Her companions have been chickens, geese and dogs..and she doesn't get along with our doberman..but our blueheeler/border collie is her bestest friend!!

I have introduced new goats several time and I have never had a real problem. A couple of my dominant females will go and show the new girls who's boss but it is a short confrontation. More show than anything. Within an hour they are eating peaceable side by side.

I have Nubian/Boer/Alpine mix goats (pretty much mongrels!)

When I introduce a new goat I put the new one into the pen with the others and watch them interact for awhile. I've never had any problems at all, but I'm there to step in if anything does blow up.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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