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To answer your quesion regarding a "bum" lamb: A true "bum lamb" is one that steals milk, bums, from unrelated ewes. (You will also see them refered to as "bummers".) It usually happens if the lamb has been regected by it dam, or is from a multiple birth and it's trying to get more milk than it can from it's own dam, or has been orphaned. A lamb that has been taken on by the shepherd to bottle feed is often called a bum lamb, as well, even if it never has tried to suck of of unrelated ewes.

Bum lambs, or bottle fed lambs, become very dependent upon the human who feeds them. They are usually very tame all through their life. As I drove in the driveway this evening, an 8week old St. Croix bottle lamb that I have came running down the driveway to meet me! When I go out to the pasture, a two year old ewe that I bottle raised, because she was orphaned at birth, will come up to me and put her chin on my belly so that I will rub her face. Another one that is 6 months old will follow us around like a dog. She even takes walks down the street with us and goes on a leash better than any of the dogs!

Bottle lambs are a lot of work but I enjoy raising a few of them every year. It has been a great experiance and responsibility builder for my children, too. However, it can be costly as milk replacer is not cheap.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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