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I agree that the hair sheep are an excellent choice for ease of management. In most areas anymore, the cost to shear a sheep is greater than the profit for the wool. In our area, no one will even take it away so then you have the burden of trying to dispose of it. With hair sheep, you will find a good market for breeders as they are becoming quite popular, and also a good market for your meat. The flavor is quite mild in the Katahdins and Dorpers that we raise. They are very docile animals and pleasant to be around. All your feed conversion goes to meat and to mommas producing for their young as opposed to the wool. You also save on stressing the animal at shearing time especially if you are attempting to learn to do it yourself ~ not an easy job!! Hair sheep are also known for their greater parasite resistance. Barbados are the only ones I would tend to steer clear of as they are much more flighty and do not grow nearly as fast.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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