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    I'm only schedulled for one night per week, and there is a Full Time worker there as well as another part timer. I have been filling in for the full time worker on several occasions, and I guess he hasn't been getting permission from our manager to do this, nor has he even been speaking to this lady. Now, it seems this lady isn't very good at getting people to like her, but she seems ok to me, maybe a bit forgetful, but I like her just fine. Anyway. This past Sunday night, I worked for our full time guy so he could watch the Bears game. I didn't mind that at all, then the guy calls me from work, saying he threw up, could I come in. OK. I went in. Then Tuesday night, the office called me in, because this kid was in the hospital. Wednesday morning, he calls and says the doctor said he needed bed rest for a "few days" no timetable on his return. He is scheduled as if things were normal, but now I have changed my plans, since we don't know if this kid will show up to work or not, and they cannot adjust the part timer's days, as he has another job, and has had his schedule played with enough. So I found a place to stay over the holiday week, so I would be available to work if needed. If this guy does not get some sort of punishment for this, like FIRED I'll be shocked, but the store cannot call him, because he won't answer it if the store calls. I told the store manager that he should not let this guy work until he has some sort of documentation from the doctor, because this all seems way too fishy to be real. So that's what's up with me. I'm hoping to get on full time! *crossing fingers*

    Edited to update:
    Just found out the cops were in the store yesterday looking for this full timer that has been calling in. I smell trouble, as well as full time in the near future!
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    Very interesting....
    let us know what happens.


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    Yep,amazes me what kind of worthless employees still have jobs.