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Interesting observation at a gun show

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Hubby and I went to a gun show today. It is my understanding, and let me know if things have changed, that it is still a federal offense to have firearms if a person uses marijuana. Then why would people who stink of marijuana attend a gun show? And why would gun show attendees stand just outside the entrance to the show smoking marijuana?
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There was only one place selling food and the stuff they had didn't smell that great.

To me it seems that selling guns and ammo to people who are under the influence of mj should be on the same level as letting a drunk test drive a car. Just a thought, those same people who were smoking pot at the gun show, will be driving home after the gun show.

Ohio isn't a recreational state, by law, yet. But the penalties for posession are very minor, unless you have bales of the stuff.
Same deal in Indiana, it's not yet legal.
Was at a gun show last winter at the north side Indianapolis armory and there were obvious gang banger types as the show walking around with AK's & SKS's looking to buy stuff. If you passed by one of them close, they wreaked of weed. I'd agree dealers should refuse to sell to them when it's so apparent.

My buddy mentioned, that they were probably the only ones in attendance who were actually planning to use their purchases that day.
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I like high quality wood stocked bolt action rifles and old stuff; pistols, rifles, lever guns, shotguns, etc. most of which also sport wood grips or stocks.
The black plastic, shoot fast stuff doesn't do anything for me, have all of that I need for a lifetime.

Go to most gun shows with some cash in my pocket fully expecting I will walk out empty handed, but prepared to buy if something special catches my eye. Occasionally you find a jewel at a gun show and the days of bargain firearms are mostly over with. Everybody gripes about gun shows but I still enjoy them. Great place to window shop and see lots of inventory in one place.

Regarding the weed comments, I don't have anything against pot used in discretion, but it is most definitely is an intoxicant and one shouldn't handle firearms, drive, operate heavy equipment or any number of hazardous things when intoxicated. Selling a gun to someone wreaking of weed is on line with giving a drunk driver another drink for the road.
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Are you talking about the ones that used their dead weight to crush most of our domestic industries, health care system, and more while letting society raise their miscreant children? The ones that acted like we were supposed to care about old people during a pandemic when they themselves behaved quite the opposite during the hong kong flu? The ones that are going to make bank while bankrupting the social security scheme? The ones that trademarked protest and social unrest? The ones that drove marketing trends in the direction of super sized plastic wrapped trans fat because they didn't have time to cook? In many ways the greatest generation spawned the worst one.
As a boomer hater and obviously younger, what have you contributed in the above areas you hack on the boomers about?
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