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The Colorado one--well, the word "subdivision" turns me off. They like to put restrictions on landowners, like no livestock, etc. :mad: (What's the point of having all that land if you can't use it??)
I personally don't want to live around folks who build those huge "dream houses" for entertaining and etc.
Not all will be like that...but I've run across to many people who have more money than brains. :shrug:

As for the other one....not sure about that. Would need more details--like is it restricted for building on? Stuff like that.

One can never ask too many questions when buying a place.....I've seen too many learn the hard way.

zone 5 - riverfrontage
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$9,800 for 10 acres. that is $980 per acre.

It seems kind of expensive to me.

Near a lake, 650 miles of shoreline, but no shore frontage, hmm.
The map looks like it is not actually on the pavement. So how long is the dirt road? and how maintains it?

How far away is the power / phone lines?

I paid $900 per acre for our farm.

I have 42 acres of river frontage forest. on a county maintained paved road. Power / phone at the pavement.

My SIL got her 105 acres for $300 per acre, but she has no river frontage.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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