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Interesting Craigslist Ad

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This person says they are trying to get a team together for bugging out. I considered sending an email just asking what kind of scenarios they are preparing for, but decided against it. This reminds me of a couple people I have seen kicked off of prep sites in the past because they claimed they were going to find out who was prepped and just kill them and take their stuff.

I'm also more of a bug-in than bug-out person. The mention of taking inventory of supplies as a group really threw me. On the "can you show too much" thread, I mentioned that I would be willing to share information about what I have stored with people on the internet in various parts of the country, but I wouldn't be showing every one of my neighbors what I have and where it is.

So what do you folks think? Does this person have good intentions but not understand that they are presenting themselves as a possible to threat? Or are their intentions slightly more sinister?

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Hey, that's my ad!

*Just kidding*
Let's post the ad here so we can jeer er... critique it. :D

Looking to form "Bug out Team" (Pittsburgh area)
Reply to: [email protected] [?]
Date: 2008-11-17, 9:15AM EST

For those of you who are what others might call "paranoid" or "survival nuts" have you thought about what happens when disaster strikes? Of course you have. Most of us who have been categorized by the before mentioned titles have. Do you have a "Plan of action" or a "Bug out Route"? Do you have a team of certified persons to travel with in order to maintain survival (weapons specialist, EMT, survival expert)? Well, now is your chance to do so. What I am trying to do is get a team of equal minded people together who posses certain skills in order to keep each other alive. A quick story before I begin.

My cousin Colin, a fellow survivalist was living down south where hurricane Katrina struck several years ago. Colin along with three other people from his "Bug out Team" utilized there survival skills in order to escape disaster. They knew the equation for the perfect escape, applied it and were able to rescue themselves as well as several other people. He has since been honored by his local paper and is now teaching classes on survival.

The goal of the B.O.T will be to establish a starting point, ending point, plan routes (several), be aware of travel, environmental and security conditions. We would most likely meet once a month to refresh these ideas and or come up with new ones. Take inventory of our supplies and drill "Bug out Scenarios".

There are a few pre-requisites for being apart of the B.O.T which I will list below. Thank you for reading and I look forward to meeting with you.

1. You must be in good-excellent physical condition.

2. You must have knowledge of a specific skill that would benefit the B.O.T

3. You must have a clear head in combat situations (ex-military preferred)

4. You must not have been convicted of a felony. (must be able to use firearms)

5. You must understand this is not a game. (there will be no zombie Apocalypse)

6. You must have a vehicle or have a valid drivers license.

7. You must be mentally competent. (no nut jobs)

Thank you again.

B.O.T. Team leader
So, he wants ex-military but doesn't think there will be Zombie Apocalypse?

Also, his cousin Colin... uh, there were hundreds of thousands who weren't "Bug Out Specialists" that made it through Katrina... maybe he should wait to update that resume?
Some friends of ours have a remote ranch that was once owned by survivalists. They had developed a large bunker and reliable water supply. The survivalists were a group that pooled their resources to buy the land and build. I think it could work if everybody chipped in with money and food and other supplies.

I am more of a bug in type of person too.
uh, if it worked out well, what happened to the original survivalist that were there?
Yes, I am planning to bug out in the next 4-6 weeks so I personally shouldn't have to worry about getting shot along the way. My concern is that if TSHTF there are some people here that are taking the philosophy " kill them all and let God sort the good from the bad". My thought is that the first group heading out from the urban areas are people who knew something was happening but didn't have enough time to get everything ready to get out before TSHTF. If they are just passing by, I would let them go. If they do stop, I would at least ask (from a safe distance) why they are stopping. If they just looking for some vacant land to live on, I might be able to point them in the right direction. Maybe they they have a particular destination and are just stopping for the night. Maybe they just need a little food to keep going and I could spare a little rice and beans to send them on their way.

Living around so many people has forced me to learn how to be a good judge of character. I also have to have some knowledge of street gangs because I do travel through their territories. These people are likely to stay in the cities until the food runs out. If you waste all your ammo shooting every person passing by, you're not going to have enough when these guys show up.
Ok Rick, you've piqued my interest here... why are you bugging out in the next few weeks? Do you know something we don't?
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