Interesting conversation with my new neighbor

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    Jan 29, 2005
    Thought you'd get a giggle out of this:

    This morning I look outside when I hear a dog barking. Lo-and-behold there are 2 dogs barking at my chickens and attempting to get in the pen. I go out there and try to get the lab to come to me...she has a collar so I thought she might be lost. Couldn't get her to come so I then tell them both to "go home". They just stare at me. I go inside and let my female GSD (Bear) out. She proceeds to take care of business and runs the big dog off...the female lab stands in apparent fear. I walk over to the lab and check her collar. I get the number, she turns and goes home, Bear tries to follow close on her heals, I recall Bear and we go inside. Soooooo....the number is an old number but the person who answer gives me the new number...turns out it's the neighbors who moved in on the parcel next to ours about 2 months ago. I call them and this is what the conversation was: fg=me and N=neighbor :p


    fg:hi, this is your neighbor and I just wanted to let you know I sent your dogs home after trying to get at our chickens.

    N: oh no! Did they hurt them?

    fg: nope, no harm done but it was close.

    N: wow...I'm really sorry...we want to be good neighbors.....short of fencing my property, what do you think we should do?

    *big pause*

    fg: ummmmmm....wellllll...I've heard people having good luck with invisible fencing

    N: uh huh....I could look into that. Are the chickens your pets?

    fg: well, no they give us food.

    N: oh good! I'd feel terrible if my dogs hurt someone's pets!

    *at this point I realize he just won't get it*

    fg: well, just wanted to let you know since when you were watching your friend's dogs the other month they too paid us a visit.

    N: uh huh...well, you need to tell this to my wife

    *wife gets on phone...sounding half asleep and I repeat the same things as above and then we say good-bye*

    So, about an hour later I notice a call on the business phone's voice mail so I check it:

    N: hi, this is D and L from down the road and I just want to let you know that we're looking into finding a solution to all of this but the nasty comment you made to my old landlord that "dogs get shot for getting into my chickens" is very unnecessary and we don't want any trouble. Give me a call when you can. If I don't talk with you maybe I'll stop on by and see if we can work this out.

    Oh brother.

    I get on the phone and call him back:

    fg: Hi D, it's your neighbor...
    *he interrupsts*
    N: hey, I'm just....
    *I interrupt*
    fg: I NEVER told your landlord I was going to shoot your dog....when I told him the dogs were in my chickens he thought that was real funny and proceeded to laugh at which I said "dude, it's not funny....dogs get shot around here for killing livestock"

    N: Ohhhhh....I see.

    fg:I would not shoot your dog as I hope you would not shoot mine if for some strange reason one of them got loose.

    N: that's good to hear...I was really worried.

    fg: I can understand but you have to understand that your dogs can loose their lives if they mess with someone's livestock....

    N:yah, I could see it being a problem around if someone has a horse or something...

    fg: um, yah....something like that. Also, it's well within the law here to shoot a dog that harasses livestock.

    N: that's crazy!!!

    fg: well, it's true...I thought you should know.

    N: In CALIFORNIA we never had to deal with any of this

    fg: uh huh :rolleyes:

    Sometimes 5 acres just isn't big enough for my tastes. :)
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    Sep 21, 2004
    Maybe drilling into his head and putting a note in would be better...

  3. The Wizard

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    Jan 29, 2006
    People can also shoot dogs in California who harrass livestock.
  4. froggirl

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    Jan 29, 2005
    From what they said, I'm gathering they didn't live around livestock in CA. They said they "never had to deal with any of this"
  5. ET1 SS

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    Oct 22, 2005
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    That was how I was taught to shoot a rifle. Shooting 'pet' dogs that were chasing our cattle. In California. Between Modesto and Merced.

    SSS is the rule to live by!