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Install helper springs on S10

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2003 s10 4X4 with the leaf springs (3 per side) under the axle. I have Hellwig helper springs I want to install which are supposed to go on either side of the axle (4 helper springs total; 2 on each side) and ride flush on the original leaf spring according to the directions. These helper springs are bolted onto the original leaf springs. However, the original leaf springs have a bracket holding them together approximately 10" from where the axle rests on the springs. This bracket prevents the helper springs from lying flush on top of the original springs. Do I remove this bracket and and reinstall? Or do I install the helper springs over this bracket? Hellwig tech support is lousy. Any suggestions? Thanks. David
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Hey man not sure if you got any help or nto but thought I would bump it up one time to see if someone that can help you may see.
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