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Info on Pennsylvania, esp. Lancaster county?

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We may be moving to Pennsylvania, probably Lancaster county. We were wondering if anyone can give us any info on the state/area.

We've already got basic demographics: income, median house value, crime, ethnic makeup, etc. What we want to know is how friendly are people? How nosy are they? Are people generally conservative or liberal there? Basically, how will we be received as religious, truck-driving, simple-living, homeschooling, rifle-hunting, strict-parenting, privacy-loving, but friendly family?

Also, how is the political climate? How restrictive are the laws? How bad are the busybody government agencies? How is the weather? Advantages/disadvantages of living there?

Thanks for any info!

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deogloria11 said:
THanks Leann,

We live in Montana now, and it is perfect for us. Unfortunately, the level of income here is NOT perfect, and my husband is probably getting offered a job paying more than twice what he makes here. But I'm so leery of moving back to the east coast. We just like the lower population, and the live-and-let-live attitude here. And being so close to Philly makes me even more nervous.

We've thought of going just over the line into Chester, because we heard it is much cheaper there, but that's just closer to the Philly suburbs. We're concerned about the cost of land there. I've hardly seen any real acreage for sale, and the little bits of land I've seen in Lancaster County, the prices are outrageous!

Any opinions on land prices/rental prices?
Lancaster County has high land prices, York County (the next county west) is alittle better. I was born and raised in Lancaster County, but presently live in York County. The political scene is in York and Lancaster cities I would say are mostly liberal, while those in the rural areas tend to be conservative. I would say it is about 50/50. If I can be of any other help let me know. I am familiar with the western part of Lancaster County and the eastern part of York County. If there are any other question, feel free to ask.

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