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Info on Pennsylvania, esp. Lancaster county?

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We may be moving to Pennsylvania, probably Lancaster county. We were wondering if anyone can give us any info on the state/area.

We've already got basic demographics: income, median house value, crime, ethnic makeup, etc. What we want to know is how friendly are people? How nosy are they? Are people generally conservative or liberal there? Basically, how will we be received as religious, truck-driving, simple-living, homeschooling, rifle-hunting, strict-parenting, privacy-loving, but friendly family?

Also, how is the political climate? How restrictive are the laws? How bad are the busybody government agencies? How is the weather? Advantages/disadvantages of living there?

Thanks for any info!

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Well, we're in Chester County, but only a short drive to the Lancaster County border. As I'm sure you know, there are tons of Amish and Mennonites in the area, so the concept of religious, home-schooling, self-sufficient folks is relatively mainstream. I don't know specific laws/restrictions for the county/township you'll be in, but where we live is pretty hands-off. We were told by our township official when we asked about livestock limits that "nobody really cares, unless your neighbors complain." We are well over our limit for our acreage (shh!) and it's really not an issue with anyone.

Weather-wise, it's what they call "temperate," whatever that means. This summer has been pretty cool, but summers tend to be medium-hot (highs of 85-90) and humid. Winters are medium-cold (depending on what you're used to), bottoming out at maybe 10 degrees - rarely colder than that. Snow falls through January and February into March, with maybe one or two "major" (more than 1') falls per year. Drought is not usually a problem.

As for the political climate, I would say it's very mixed. I would say that there's a mix of opinions but very little political activity.

I'm happy to answer any other questions that might come to mind. I hope the move works out for you!

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I'm not sure what your price range is, but the area (both Chester and Lancaster counties) isn't cheap in general. I wouldn't think you could find a house big enough for a small family + enough land for horses for less than $150K, unless you were incredibly lucky.

I'm sure the area will seem crowded if you're used to the wide open spaces in Montana. Still, the area hasn't "suburbanized" - yet - and you would never guess you were a mere hour-and-a-half drive from Philly. We are very close to Gap, it's right near where we buy our hay. Let me know if there's anything else I could help answer for you about the area, and good luck.

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