indoor brick ovens

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  1. I want to make an indoor brick oven.The traditional ovens were fired right in the oven, then the ash raked out and the bread baked right on the brick.I want to build one with a heat chamber beneath the oven deck, with the heat coming from a woodstove connected to the flue.Can't find any plans for this type of oven.
    Many years ago my dad had a bakery with this type of oven- the heat chamber beneath the oven deck was fired with an oil burner.The walls and roof were sheet metal,well insulated with rock wool and the double deck oven was brick.
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    I put 'brick ovens' into google and came up with 49,500 site, many with plans, diagrams, ect. Quite a colorful display also.

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    The closest I can get to that is a Masonry Heater with a built-in brick oven over the firebox:

    Best of luck.
  4. I think you call the type of oven I'm wanting toi build an''indirect fired brick deck oven''- but nobody seems to have plans for building one.