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Propane would be a wise choice if you have constant power outages... and either a diesel/gas/propane generator as well.

Batteries? Unless your intention is to power a computer for a few hours or a few emergency lights... batteries are not gonna cut it.

I have a high end 1400va UPS (uninterruptable power supply... basically batteries and a box which converts DC to AC) for my computers... but basically this is just to filter the power (brownouts, spikes, etc.) and to allow the systems to shutdown gracefully when the power does go out. It was very expensive and is next to useless for extended power outages.

If you intend to run a computer off of power produced by a generator... you'd probably still need a small UPS... just to filter the line... which I'd imagine would be a bit unstable coming from a gen set (computers don't do so well with "wacky" power).

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