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IN the Spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will draw 12/10

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I have been seeing all of the wonderful giveaways going on and I have been wanting to join in so bad... Had no idea what I could do that anyone would love to win and then hubby said how about a box of "you"... He said I make so many nice things and they are always made with love so, that made me feel so special that, I am going to give a box of stuff... yep, alittle of this and alittle of that. It will all be made with love and some will be able to be eaten and some will be to use. I am already so excited about packing up this box of goodies to be mailed to the winner. I will pick the winner on 12/10 so I can try to ship it on the 15th in hope that you will get it for the holidays. Please let me know if you celebrate the holidays so I can pack to suit.
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please add me to the hat
thank you for your kindness
Ooh. So curious as to what a box of "you" would be like.
No poop from animals please. I have enough of my own.
Please add me.
OMG! I bet that is so cool! Please add me to the list-
Add me to the list.
I wish I had thought of this!

Please add me tothe list.
Put my name in the hat too. What fun! Thanks!
That sounds fantastic! Please add my name.
Thank you! Oh and yes, we celebrate Christmas here.
This does sound interesting, please add me!

You rhusband sounds vey sweet :)
What a neat idea! Please add my name too. :)
What a neat idea!!! Please add my name to your drawing. Thanks, Marilyn
A surprise package with "homemade with love" goodies would certainly be appreciated in this household. Hubby received a permanent lay-off today. Thanks a bunch!

1 - 20 of 105 Posts
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