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    Is this true?

    If you add to your phone book in your cell phone, ICE, it means "In Case of Emergency". A paramedic will search your cell phone for ICE, looking for a person to contact. You should have the name and number of whoever it is you would want contacted if something happened to you, such as an accident.

    I also learned a valuable lesson this weekend from my sis in law. When out and about, such as jogging or walking the dog, if you do not have ID on you, keep an ID tag on your shoelace. She has a metal tag with her name addy, phone and next of kin on hers. It can save time if you end up unconscious in emergency, or, God forbid, in the morgue.
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    The ICE campaign was begun by my hometown ambulance service - East Anglian Ambulance. It is a real campaign but it is a British thing and I don't know if American EMT's follow it (though with all the recent publicity I think it will catch on).

    Here's a link to the ICE Webpage

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    My older sister, a retired EMT sent me an email about this, there is a national campaign to make this happen all around America.
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    I posted this in another thread on this topic.. but its info worth re reading...

    Being an ex paramedic/Life Flight nurse, I do know about ICE . But to tell ya the truth... at the scene of an accident we do not look for contacts. We simply dont have time. BUT the ppl in the ER and/or the police do. Keep in mind... the EMT's etc.. Dont grab your phone when taking you to the hosp. The police will look for one IF they can’t identify you by ID etc.

    1. If you program ICE in your phone.. make sure it is the first contact in your phone book... they won’t scroll thru your list till they get to the i's.

    2. Always ALWAYS have a In case of Emergency call… card in the FRONT of your wallet. (in front of your ID or taped to the back of your ID is best) Also.. Make sure it states important info… drug allergies, Donor preferences.. Location of living will etc…

    3. Re-Read #2!!!! YES it IS that important!!!!

    I know a woman (an ER nurse) who always has one of these cards in her bra! Lol I have them in several places.. purse.. Cell phone case…. Car visor… etc,,,, sounds silly, I know.. but I have seen it take days before a contact can be found.. it is sad.

    Hopes this helps someone. I know I never even thought about it till I began to work ER.
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    ICE is ok but if you lock your phone its worthless, If you loan your phone to family and friends its not of much use. If you dont use 10 digit phone numbers in your memory its worthless, If your phone is dammaged its worthless.