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  1. Caelma

    Caelma Well-Known Member

    Mar 7, 2005
    Some people don't give their critters
    immunizations and some do.
    When I had goats I gave Bo-c and
    A & D *(I think I have that right, it's been years)
    anyway I was curious what folks are doing now a days and why?

    In regards to immunizations and CAE testings.
  2. bethlaf

    bethlaf Homegrown Family

    May 26, 2004
    i give tetanus, and thats it
    im more hands off in regards to shots, i have bose , and a and d and pennicilin on hand for PRN, but i dont routinely administer injections

    part of the reason is my does are in dry lot, the other part is we are a certifed naturally grown farm , and i am prohibited , by the usda organic standards from giving anything other than whats absolutely needed

    even for ex. the pennicilin , i dont use that unless yogurt hasnt worked, .generally the only time i worry about that is if i have had to do an internal exam , when i do that, i simply feed yogurt to the doe for 2-3 days after, and it prevents most infections
    if it wouldnt, then i would document it, and give pennicillin

    for worms i feed DE with thier grain , so its not an issue either sincen othing can resist the DE , unlike other worming products and "medications"

  3. Sarah J

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    Jun 28, 2003
    Southeast Iowa
    Bo-Se *will* now become a routine with my newborns, though we are not in a dificient area, I have been recently informed that it doesn't carry through the colostrum...and I had a problem this kidding. So I now have a new one to give one or twice in the first week of a newborn's life.

    CD&T at disbudding time and another one three weeks later, then yearly. I test fecals 3 times yearly to see if they need de-wormed, and with what. Other than those I only give antibiotics or vitamins,etc, as needed...

    (who is a firm believer in Probios, too!)
  4. susanne

    susanne Nubian dairy goat breeder

    Nov 4, 2004
    are you doing fecal exams? is the de really working with worms? how much de do you feed? since when are you using it? how about cocci treatment? just curious
  5. mailman

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    May 8, 2004
    Upstate Vermont
    Are their other people out there that are using Diatomateous Earth (DE) for worming that have documented proof that it works (IE: fecals performed before De and then again after)? .....Dennis

    TWOGOATS Animal Lover

    Mar 7, 2005
    California, Bay Area
    How much DE do you use? Do you put it in the grain each feeding or when? How often do you use DE.

  7. sheep tamer

    sheep tamer former HT member

    Mar 22, 2005
    We had a vet do fecals, and at that time
    the barn was kinda crowded and pasture
    overused. He found one or two worm
    eggs in the sample, which astounded him.

    Another vet some years later reinforced
    our movable pens and pasture rotation
    as reducing worm loads...having seen
    infested goats, I tend to think ours are
    NOT. It helps to know what to look for.

    If I had reason to suspect a worm load,
    I'd mix about 2c. DE with a T. of molassas
    and enough water to make it slurpable,
    give it to the goat while on the milking
    stand so you can observe that all is
    eaten by that particular goat. Repeat
    the next day as a follow up.

    Otherwise, about 1t./cup of grain helps
    prevent a build up by daily taking care
    of what few may be inside. This doesn't
    take care of non-intestinal parasites,
    but hey, if the goats aren't weighed
    down with these kinds of worms, they
    are not as health conpromised, and should
    be less susceptible, IMHO. We've gotta
    look at ways to clean up the food chain
    and quit enriching the drug companies.
    I applaud you TWOGOATS for investigating
    this method, and the rest who are already
    using DE on your homesteads!!