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I'm so restless! What do you do on an ordinary weekend day?

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I am fit to be tied. Restless. Bored. Don't know what to do with myself. And as a result: Irritated and frustrated!

What do families DO on the weekends? Not special weekends. Ordinary weekends. We are a family of six. Four children, all boys, aged 10 years and younger.

I feel like I want to crawl out of my own skin on the weekends, especially Sundays (no work.)

I don't want to vegetate in front of the TV, so what's a family to do?

:grit: RedTartan
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LOL! We get like that on occasion and my husband will even start to pace...I then make stuff up for him to do. Saturday is our churchy type day, but Sundays can be downright "oh Mom, there's nothing to do!"... Right now, DH is VERY bored since all of the basic chores are done--he's out in the garage tending to the woodstove that heats the workshop. Once he comes back in, I think I am going to ask him to figure out a bookshelf type idea to replace the setup that's not looking too sturdy right now...

DD2 can normally keep herself occupied, but has developed a "lazy love" for SpongeBob :rolleyes: DD17 will whine a bit but then curls up right next to her baby sister to watch TV. I try to create something to do--knit scrap yarn, sew etc. If I get bored, that usually leads to either something getting baked or me into trouble LOL!
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I get that way too. Especially in the winter when it is too cold to go out and gets soo dark so quickly. Do you want to get out of the house? If so, maybe take a trip to see Santa or make some cookies. I am eager to see what others suggest too!

Maybe some board games (Candyland, Chutes and ladders), a nature walk outside, not sure what else.
SEW - Crochet - SEW, plan projects, get things ready for next work week.
Mail quilt blocks, SEW.

SEW - Crochet - SEW, plan projects, get things ready for next work week.
Mail quilt blocks, SEW.

I could be spinning, crocheting, making soap, sewing, etc., but I haven't felt crafty at. all. lately. I just don't. want. to.

What in the world is wrong with me?!!

:coffee: RedTartan <- whimper.
<GASP!> Tracy Rimmer just mentioned wrapping gifts in ginnie5's thread that is very, very similar to this one :doh: I'm gonna go wrap presents!

I still want to know what "normal" families do one weekends though, so keep posting, please.

:coffee: RedTartan
I am fit to be tied. Restless. Bored. Don't know what to do with myself. And as a result: Irritated and frustrated!

What do families DO on the weekends? Not special weekends. Ordinary weekends. We are a family of six. Four children, all boys, aged 10 years and younger.

I feel like I want to crawl out of my own skin on the weekends, especially Sundays (no work.)

I don't want to vegetate in front of the TV, so what's a family to do?

:grit: RedTartan
Well this weekend was fairly normal for us so here goes. Yesterday I started off by fixing breakfast for my Yvonne. She works all week and likes to sleep in and be lazy on saturedya mornings, so she gets her eggs and toast, coffee and whatever else she wants deliverd to her in the bed, while she wakes up watching whatever she wants on the ol telly. I then fixed some biscuits and gravy for the puppy and the stray cat that hangs out around the place. Went out and tossed a roll of hay over the fence to the cows, came back in and cleaned up the kitchen. We then piddled around with planning out the power lines and things for the addition, went to town and picked up insulation, wiring goodies, and stopped by a friends house for a visit with them. By the time we got home it was time to get supper going, Yvonne played with the puppy until he was tuckered out while I fixed up some pork tenderloin, aspargus, baked some cookies and we had our supper. After that we put in a good movie and watched that, piddled around on the computer for a while and off to bed again, another fine day behind us. This morning I had my coffee delivered to me in bed, after I got up, piddled around on the computer a while, fixed up a nice breakfast for both of us, I then proceeded to get the chili made and have that simmering in the crockpot. Organized the work space in the utility room, getting ready for wiring and insulation tomorrow. I spent some time playing with the puppy, and of course fixed up another tray of biscuits and gravy for the cat. I have only seen that rascal once, couple a days ago, but I know he lives here coz the food keeps dissappearing and occasionally hear the meowing under the house. Watche some news, did a bit of reading and went over some paperwork that needed doing. Yvonne just left to pick up our boy and the peace and tranquility should be shattered in another couple hours when she gets back with him. (hes 15) I may put up some Christmas decorations while shes gone, or I may just hang out here and irritate the folks on HT. :)
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Read. Read together. go to the beach and fly kites if the weather is good (not fair, I know, but we live half a mile from the beach). Go for a walk in the woods. Write stories (we're geeks, though, so we like to do that). Play music together, (my kids play instruments). Call family and friends back home. Today, we are supposed to clean out the garage, but it ain't looking like that is going to happen any time soon.

This is why I spend most of my time workin' LOL
I am so not a home body---I get bored at home in the worst way. When the weather is good, I can at least hike/bike/explrore the day away. But with it being 8 degrees outside, with snow and ice, thats not as possible....usually I make a trip to the library and borrow some books to dissapear into.
Weave, read, play with soap stuff (or salves, balms...), make some popcorn and curl up with a movie, go for walks, play with the kitten, work on jigsaw puzzles, play board games...

I don't do boredom well, so I always have something going on.
When I was a mom of young children Saturdays were for making bread and homemade pizza for lunch with the extra bread dough for crust- then grocery shopping late afternoon. Sundays were for parks, zoos, or museums.
I've always had animals and nearly always lived in a rural area even when I worked in town. My biggest problem has always been having enough time and energy to do the things that I want to do.

Outside work now that we're "retired" keeps both DH and I just about as busy as we can handle and any "down time" is a bonus. DH builds bits and pieces in the shop when he has time and watches TV (history channel mostly) ... I spend quite a lot of time on the computer, work on artwork or read.

When the kids were little and we lived in town, they would complain about boredom sometimes but we were usually in a situation where we had a pony for them to ride on the weekends, were YMCA members and they could go there for swimming, etc. and when and where we could, we went "rockhounding" ... hiking ... or something like that if we weren't busy catching up with the work at home, as we were both working full time jobs.
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I still want to know what "normal" families do one weekends though, so keep posting, please.
We are not normal! :eek:die: We don't have a television and we do not work on Sundays. However, when our girls were young, we read aloud. I suspect your boys (at least the older ones) would enjoy Ralph Moody's books, starting with Little Britches.

I am sure others could recommend good books and book series, but since we had all girls, our reading material may not interest your boys. The Laura Ingalls Wilder books and Caddie Woodlawn were mainstays at our house.

I hope you can get past this!

Laze around, eat, play games, piddle on the internet, and review last week's accomplishments and plan the week ahead. Sometimes catch up on whatever couldn't get done during the week.

Sundays are great days to prep veggies and cook in advance for the coming week.

I love weekends. :icecream:
There is usually some homework to finish.

The kids squabble a little. MOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!

Shopping to do, growing kids GROW! They both need shirts: theirs are getitng too tight.

Gutters to clean out.

Hobbies to pursue.

New recipies to try.

They like to visit friends from school. This means Mom drives one trip, the other parent USUALLY drives the other.

Cleaning rooms.

Yard work.

I yearn for a quiet weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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invite some friends over!
make cookies and take to friends
go shopping
fix the place up
go for a walk
plan the garden for next year

We LOVE the weekends. Some are very busy - like this one. Church Christmas party and beekeeper's Christmas dinner on Sat. Having my class over for dinner and games tonight.

Some weekends are strickly - R&R.
Wish we always got to choose which weekends were which.
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We usually have work to do, and if not, we go out hiking at a state park or visit somebody.
Red, sounds like you're not so much needing 'something to do' as it is a 'seasonal ug' problem...lotsa hugs n bright sunshine, music n fun stuff needed!

Typically, wintertime Saturdays are the day of the weekend that we get out n about together--museums, going for a drive, sightseeing something we read/heard passable weather, of course.

Wintertime Sundays are often our day of rest in that we stay home--make a big, late breakfast, read the paper together, watch football or basketball ...whatever, just being together at home.
I usually bake a thing or two and prep food a bit for the week--especially this time of year.

I love Sunday evenings in the winter; we often find ourselves hanging out in the living room together, watching tv, reading, doing puzzles...whatever suits us. For some reason, it seems that everybody seeks out everybody else most of all on Sunday evenings.

Again, Red, hugs n hang in there!

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What in the world is wrong with me?!!
To put it bluntly it sounds as if you have never learned to relax. It is something you need to work on so that when retirement arrives or health issues come up you can cope with either. Perhaps you are a person that has an over active thyroid and just can't slow down.

Sorry that I can't help you. There are never enough hours in the day for me and I don't have any trouble relaxing to do any number of things.

Best wishes for refocusing your energy.
A few things come to mind...

I have half as many boys as you do, and when they were younger and now (they're 15 and 19-when he's home from college) and then that 48 year old one are PUT OUT OF THE HOUSE. ; ) They are REQUIRED to spend at least half of each weekend day outside, regardless of weather, etc. They take the beagles for a run/walk/hunt. They target practice in the gully. This weekend, they had to cut me a truckload of greenery for decorating with. When faced with things I want them to do, they're amazingly good at finding something to keep themselves busy. They go fishing or hunting or they camp out, here on the place, down by the river.

Two things... boys NEED to run off that energy and if you use the word bored at my house, you will be assisted to choose a chore off the white board in the back hall and you'll be required to complete it.

While they are out and about... I bake, sew or knit, catch up with friends/elderly family members, visit the elderly family members or catch up with things that I'd have to do next week. I work part time and usually know the weekend before what my work week will be like. I may prebake a couple of casseroles, make some pizzas and bread and usually on the weekend, I bake a cake or pie for dessert. The last two weekends, I've been sorting through the clothing and downsizing, mending and donating.

For ME, I sew or knit or read and have no problem spending a full afternoon doing so.

For family together things to do, we always attend church, and often eat out afterwards (a treat here). Each and every Sunday evening, we treat ourselves to finger foods/snack things/party foods and have a family meeting which is the launch point for our week. The kids all look forward to it and without, our week simply doesn't feel 'right'. On Sunday night, kids and adults are required to put down their needs/schedule things on our family calendar and then we move Heaven and Earth to make sure those things happen. They give me a list of anything they need (my shopping day is on Thursday) or they wait for the next week. This way I can plan out transportation/resources etc and be prepared with meal planning etc.

I will point out that you have a power pack of maleness there... I really recommend Boy Scouts. Our local troop camps out once a month and has been amazing for my boys. My DH usually goes as well, giving me a 'free' weekend very often. I have no problem treating myself and relaxing on 'girls' weekend. ; )

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