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Im quitting my job. (LONG rant)

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this is going to be more of a little rant.. need to get it off my chest.

little backstory. i work at an adult toy store.. ahaah yes . its a fun place. i actually really enjoy my job. ive worked here for 2 years. i just got promoted to full time in October actually! pay is doable and its close to home , so travel time is short.
im really good at my job, i meet my goals and above. im not talking out of my butt either. i actually consider myself to do really well in retail. i know how to up sale. bring me a 20 dollar item . and ill convince you to switch to a 60 dollar item and add ons to go with it.

things have gone up and down with this job, like any other job. there is drama. and rules changed.

this week i worked sunday, was a good day. other then getting yelled at by a man who refused to wear a mask... its normal right now. it was a good day.. had 3 days off so i was excited.

im the type of person who gets to work 20 minutes early, sit in my car and switches mental gears. ive always been like this, it just works.

when people say they love their jobs they can see themselves being there till retirement... i thought that for a while. today changed that. i thought i was doing good, i was taking random emergency shifts as people called off or quit without notice. i was the go to person for coverage. i worked my butt off doing what i could. i have the highest sales and commission percents. working a double on Christmas and then open the next day on very little sleep.

today was my third day off, a mandatory meeting was called. so i went in. i was sat down and the first thing out of my managers mouth was "we where highly considering using this meeting to tell you this is your last day." my heart dropped, i asked what would bring this up. and she said "this isnt the first time we have had this conversation." which, yes. it was. every single time we have talked , i was doing good, i have above average sale percents. i was getting praised. she always told me how thankful she was for having a diligent employee like me, and wish everyone she hired could work like me.... i wasnt always like that, i was struggling there at work for a while , i even called our district manager in so we could have a meeting together, because i was highly considering quitting then... they told me what i could improve on to feel like i was actually achieving what i wanted at the job. and we finally got there. i was the one who called that meeting...

today they told me it felt like i was at a stand still , not improving anymore.and i was acting like i didnt want to be here anymore... which i never thought of since our last big meeting. saying i was slacking, which i havent been i been busting my butt to get things done. our store should have 6 people employed , we currently have 4 .. who knew lacking 2 people would be such a big deal. lol i been running myself ragged trying to have this store run nicely during my shift. and they dont see that..they leave me lists with 10 items or more to do on my shift, and i get it done on top of everyday list that needs done... i always have the tasks people hate to do , change the tube bulbs in the ceiling, go around outside and pick up trash,toss the mouse traps . so on so on , i rarely EVER complain about what im asked to do at work. i go in , i work , then i go home. 90% of the time im solo shift too. so getting a large to do list while tending to customers is a lot and not something everyone i work with can say they do.

i got wrote up. i had to either put my name on the write up agreeing to why. or get fired on the spot.. so i put my name on it . i shouldn't have .. the whole thing was bull. i still dont fully understand what went on... as far as i can remember i did EVERYTHING i possibly can, other then legit live at work.

they even threatened to demote me back to part time. and cut my hours to 8-16 a week . and if they demote me , i will be on closing shift every shift i work. we close at midnight. currently 10pm due to the ohio curfew. but still ... i have animals i need to put in at night.. i cant do that. i cant ask my parents to drive down to my house every shift i work to close my animals up for me. thats not fair, especially in the winter. both parents live on a hill, and its not a priority to snow plow their roads. they get snowed in quite often.

im suppose to work tomorrow noon to 8pm , a shift i hate due to me having to ask my parents to come put the animals away. despite me AGREEING with my manager when i became full time i wouldnt have to work late shifts like that. i would be any shift frame from 8am-5pm in the winter. and in the summer time 8am-8pm while the sun was still somewhat in the sky.

they even had the audacity to say "we want the old you back" the old me was a REAL slacker. i got by doing bare minimum and not really caring. the old me , got yelled at a LOT for forgetting little things, and just didnt care anymore. the old me had job applications posted everywhere because she was just trying to get out. this me finally found what she wants in life, and is ready to move on, and the me now is taking a note from old me and finally getting the heck out of here.

im quitting tomorrow. im going in putting my work shirt and key on the counter, and im just going to smile and walk out the door.... i normally wouldn't leave without a 2 week notice. but i honestly do not think, i can put up with this crap from them for 2 more weeks. i can go on and on , about the crap my work place puts me though... i know some people have it worse and push through. but i cant... the me they want back actually kinda hated my life. not happy how things have been. struggling to get out of bed every morning. the me right now... is actually really happy and excited to get out of bed, and see what the day brings me ! but thats not the me they want... so no me is what they shall have.

i currently haven't started looking for a new job.. im going to give myself a 3 week break. i haven't had a decent break in a while. a day off here and there dont count, because it ALWAYS seems to get interrupted by a work call. someone called off , i need to cover. or a random meeting. i cant plan ANYTHING on my days off, i dont work at a hospital. i shouldn't have to be on call !!!

i have money saved, bills for the month are paid. animal food is stocked up. my food is fine. right now is the perfect time for me to do this .. ill be filing my tax return hopefully in the next week or so , just waiting on one more piece of paperwork and i can file. so i will have a bit more cash saved up. week 2 into being jobless ill start looking for a new job. that way i have a week of leeway. and if the next step takes 4 or 5 weeks total thats ok. like i said i have a bit of money saved. enough to keep my head above the water for at least 4 months currently.

now my real dream is to live off my animals, garden. and art i create. that would be the REAL dream life.. but i know im far away from that. lol baby steps.

i dont expect anyone to really read this honestly. this is more for myself. but heres the thing.. i dont talk to people , i dont have any friends. my job kinda took over my life where i was just going to work , coming home and sleeping.. then i got animals , so i would wake up , take care of animals, go to work , get home , take care of animals again, go to bed... there really isnt any time to socialize other then .... well .. writing.. i suck at writing , my grammar is horrible. and a 5 year old could write a better structured sentence then i can. this is also a way for me to learn how to actually socialize which im not use to. i was one of those home schooled kids who didnt have play dates with other home schoolers, probably my main reason for the lack of friends. ahaha ..

if you read this. hello . sorry you had to suffer through all are you self employed ? or do you have a day job? im actually curious how those who just farm.. well ... just farm.
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Yes, I did read the whole thing, and yes, I have been where you are now.
I had the same sit down, several times, by low management who felt I needed a new attitude.
Early on I discovered I had a problem with authority; it wasn't that I was a slacker or resented being told what to do. I didn't like taking orders from underqualified, underskilled yes men. But I did. I did what I was told, though sometimes I asked questions.
What it revealed to me what that I was better suited to be my own boss and become self employed.
So you know, I worked 13 years at an hourly job working my way up from floor sweeper to head floor sweeper. During those 13 years I missed less than 2 weeks of work.
Year 11 I volunteered to work a late shift to help two other employees. Business was dead that evening and 20 minutes before quitting time I asked them if they minded if I left early. They didn't.
The next day my new manager trainee needed to compensate for his own personal shortcomings and decided to brow beat me in front of staff and inform me that if I ever left early again I would be changing urinal cakes at the truck stop.
I should write him a letter thanking him for the inspiration he gave me that day.
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It's still a learning curve. You have to weed out the dumb ones and do the work until better help applies 😂
I was scrolling thru the posts before stating the same thing.
I also tried to hold to the philosophy or never hiring anyone dumber than me. Well, of course I did, all the time. The employment challenged gene only leaked out after the first day on the job.

I spin plates on a stick for a living. I can't run back and forth and keep all of the plates spinning and the sticks upright. I can hire people smart enough to hold the sticks while I run back and forth like a dinner chicken or I can hire people who can hold the stick and spin the plate at the same time. That allows me to curtsy on stage, throw flowers and sell out the next show.
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When I worked for the man, I slept late on weekends, stayed up late on weeknights and planned events around vacations and personal days.
Shortly after I knew that I had flipped my lifejacket back on the ship for good, I started getting up early focused on self preservation.
After about 10 years in one job, I saw a whole lot of people fired or let go or whatever, who fumed, cried, fretted, convulsed as if it were the end of their world forever. Other than the ones who went to jail for theft, I do not recall a single person who 6 months later felt they were worse off. Nothing is as good, or as bad, as it initially appears.
And just as there are golden handcuffs chained to a fat paycheck, there are rusty handcuffs bound to mediocrity.
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